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Minnesota’s Brother Justus Drops The American Single Malt Hammer

By Nino Marchetti / November 19, 2018

Minnesota is an exciting state to see whiskey emerging from right now. The use of local grains in mash bills, local woods in barrels and a public thirsty for new spirits all combine here for very positive potential on the craft whiskey front. The latest of these is the Brother Justus Whiskey Co. and the release of their flagship American single malt whiskey.

The Brother Justus Single Malt American Whiskey, as it is being called, is distilled from “premium” Minnesota malted barley in what’s described as an “underground distillery” in Minneapolis. It is then matured in “Minnesota-grown and Minnesota-coopered” white oak barrels. The distillery team here calls their whiskey “Single Malt American whiskey because the barrels are first-use, charred barrels, as required by American law, instead of re-used bourbon barrels, like Scotch.”

Brother Justus Single Malt American Whiskey

Brother Justus Single Malt American Whiskey (image via Brother Justus Whiskey Co.)

This new American single malt represents one of the first of this category to herald from Minnesota – most of the other releases to date from the likes of Far North Spirits and others have been either rye or bourbon. Brother Justus looks to be bottled at 43% ABV, prices for at least $50 and you’ll find some limited official tasting notes below for your consideration. As for the name Brother Justus, by the way, it references to the name of a young blacksmith Benedictine monk from a Minnesota monastery who would craft stills for farmers during Prohibition times – you can imagine what they reportedly did with the stills after.

A smooth yet robust and flavorful whiskey that unfolds in layers of vanilla, butterscotch and grilled peaches, with a dry finish of toasted oak.