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Michigan’s Wonderland Distilling Releases A Cask-Strength Whiskey

Michigan-based Wonderland Distilling is releasing a limited-edition, cask-strength whiskey into the market this month.

Created from individually aged rye, corn and wheat whiskies, the blend begins, according to official tasting notes, with an aroma of brown sugar, butterscotch, caramel popcorn and pumpernickel toast. Hints of plum and dried fruits contrast with rye spice and white pepper to provide complexity. Heavy oak, toffee and bold vanilla dominate the medium-length finish. The whiskey is bottled at full cask strength, ranging from 117-123 proof.

The distillery’s second product follows the launch of its first product, a Blend of Straight Whiskeys, created from individually- aged rye, corn and wheat whiskeys. Wonderland’s whiskeys are blended using the traditional Canadian method, with each grain—corn, wheat and rye—distilled on its own.

By distilling, barreling and aging them separately, then blending them after maturation, Wonderland whiskey is blended to create what’s described by the brand as a consistent flavor profile. The distillery uses Michigan ingredients – grains, fruits, botanicals and wood, combined with fresh Lake Michigan water and distilled through stainless stills, as well.

Wonderland’s Cask Strength Blend of Straight Whiskeys
Wonderland’s Cask Strength Blend of Straight Whiskeys (image via Wonderland)

“We are handcrafting other spirits as well, including gin and vodka, but overall Wonderland is a whiskey distillery, and our cocktail bar is a whiskey bar,” CEO of Wonderland Distilling Company Mark Gongalski said in a prepared statement. “For the serious whiskey drinkers, we’re kicking it up a few notches with this release that’s not proofed down, which really showcases the intense depth of flavors in our blending process.”

“Now that we’ve had some time to settle into our space and experiment a bit with flavor profiles and new aging techniques for our spirits, our customers can expect to see some more interesting releases coming later this year,” Chief Marketing Officer Allen Serio added. “We want to continue innovating and pushing the limits, to ensure we’re bottling the very best of what Michigan has to offer. This whiskey will truly be a collector’s item for any whiskey lover.”

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