LiDestri Spirits Debuts "Whiskey Corrected" Cask & Crew Bottlings

Cask & CrewLiDestri Spirits is one of the many non-distilling producers out there searching for a certain hook to get you drinking their whiskey. For them, this turns out to be the notion of “whiskey corrected,” meaning, in their lingo “the infusion of flavors that unite, yet respect, the whiskey’s blend of rye and corn.” It is under this idea that they’ve recently introduced their Cask & Crew line up, consisting of a few flavored expressions as well as a more classic style.

Cask & Crew straight and flavored whiskeys, according to LiDestri Spirits, are a 51%/49% blend of three-year-old Canadian rye and classic barrel-aged American corn whiskey. It is characterized by a profile that marries smoky and sweet notes to achieve their desired taste profile.  The line’s three initial flavors include a straight blend of rye and whiskey (40% ABV), and two that are “corrected” with Walnut Toffee or Ginger Spice (35% ABV).

“Brown flavored spirits are really having a moment,” LiDestri Spirits Vice President Joe Ragazzo said in a prepared statement. “We wanted to create something that was complex enough to appeal to whiskey aficionados, yet inviting enough to be an intriguing experience for people exploring whiskey for the first time.”

Each whiskey is priced around $25 per 750 ml bottle, and should be available in 12 states by spring. There was no immediate word of where they had sourced the juice from.

The name “Cask & Crew,” by the way, is said by LiDiestri to pay homage to the new American oak casks (charred for the rye and uncharred for the corn whiskey) that were selected to make the two whiskeys, and the crew of folks who brought the brand to life.

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