Laws Whiskey House Releases Two New Bonded 2021 Expressions

By Hannah Kanik / March 29, 2021

Laws Whiskey House recently announced its 2021 releases of their Bonded Four Grain Bourbon and Bonded San Luis Valley Rye.

The team at Laws Whiskey House has produced bonded whiskey for many years. The latest offerings in the brand’s Bottled-In-Bond whiskeys will be available in key markets across the country starting this month for a suggested retail price of $75. 

The Laws Bonded 6-year-old Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Batch #4 contains the flavors of the four American mother grains melded into every Laws Four Grain Whiskey bottle.

Laws Whiskey House Bonded 2021 Expressions

Laws Bonded San Luis Valley Straight Rye Whiskey – Batch #2 (image via Laws Whiskey House)

Barrel influence is clearly front and center as are the distinctive layered complex grains in what is seen as a Laws whiskey signature.

It consists of 25 barrels hand-picked by Laws Whiskey barrel manager James Kunz and founder Al Laws. The individual barrels spend an average age of 6 to 7 years in a charred American white oak barrel.

“We’re excited to be on this journey of Laws’ commitment to creating exceptional Bottled in Bond Whiskey, and it will continue to be a lead mark in the Laws Whiskey portfolio in years to come,” Al Law said in a prepared statement. “We hope you enjoy these two special whiskeys as much as we do and we are grateful to everyone who joins us on our journey.”

The whiskey has official tasting notes of vanilla, cherry, apple, graham cracker and a little clove. The taste has honey, apple crumble, orange, black tea, marzipan, and cinnamon. Batch #4 has sweet and and viscous mouth coating followed by long dry orange pith and oak chip finish.

Laws Bonded San Luis Valley Straight Rye Whiskey, meanwhile, is a fan favorite of many Laws Whiskey drinkers. It is distinctive rye whose grain flavors dominate the finish after 6 years in heavily charred barrels.

The aroma for this one is mentioned by the brand as instantly fruity, minty and slightly smoky. A deeper draw brings caramel apple and honeysuckle. This whiskey is 100 proof and smooth and creamy.