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Kings County Distillery Launches A Coffee Whiskey

New York City-based Kings County Distillery has announced the release of their new Coffee Whiskey.

A statement from Kings County noted that this expression was made in collaboration with their Brooklyn Navy Yard neighbors, Parlor Coffee.

The new Coffee Whiskey is made from a blend of Kings County’s whiskeys and Parlor’s ready-to-drink Cold Brew.

Kings County Coffee Whiskey
New York City-based Kings County Distillery has announced the release of their new Coffee Whiskey. (image via Kings County)

­­­­”While cocktail-making has evolved rapidly over the last two decades, we haven’t necessarily seen that same creativity translate to the backbar,” said Kings County founder and distiller, Colin Spoelman. “Coffee, in the context of spirits and cocktails, still often means one of two things: either syrupy coffee liqueurs, or the use of coffee itself as a component ingredient.”

He said their blending team imagined Coffee Whiskey as a newer, better expression of those concepts. “And, after a year of research and development, it became clear that we’d found a perfect match in the best-in-class Cold Brew developed by our friends at Parlor Coffee.”

Parlor Coffee Co-Founder AJ Walzer said they developed Parlor Cold Brew with the belief that a better tasting beverage will always start with better ingredients. “Our friends and neighbors at Kings County share this belief, their dedication to their craft parallels our own. When Kings County reached out to us with their concept to create a better coffee whiskey, we had no doubt they would achieve it, and we are honored that they found our Cold Brew as worthy of celebration as we do.”

The distiller’s notes describe this new whiskey as lively, with tropical top notes and chocolate undertones of Parlor’s Cold Brew balanced with the sweetness and complexity of their  house-made bourbon and corn whiskey.

The new Coffee Whiskey is available now at the distillery, then out to New York accounts and national distributors. Each 750ml bottle clocks in at 40% ABV, and has 14 mg of caffeine per 1.5oz serving. It has a suggested retail price of about $45.

Kings County Distillery is one of New York City’s oldest, founded in 2010. They make bourbon, rye, and other whiskeys out of the 123-year-old Paymaster Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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