Kentucky’s Castle & Key Announces First Batch Of Restoration Rye 2021

By Hannah Kanik / May 22, 2021

Castle & Key Distillery recently announced the third installment of the Restoration Rye series through its new Restoration Rye 2021 Batch #1. It is available for purchase at the distillery and in stores in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas and Georgia.

The new release continues to pay tribute to the restoration of the historic property — once the site of the iconic Old Taylor Distillery that was built over a century ago.

“With the first batch of Restoration Rye for 2021 being released just before the start of summer, it was blended with the intent of highlighting the softer notes of our Rye Whiskey. Many of the barrels chosen for this offering were those that expressed higher levels of fruity and floral esters and had lower levels of wood char and baking spice. This resulted in a smoother whiskey for the warm weather, to be enjoyed on its own or in a summer cocktail,” said Jon Brown, Quality Manager at Castle & Key, in a prepared statement.

Restoration Rye 2021 Batch #1

Restoration Rye 2021 Batch #1 (image via Castle & Key)

The rye release features one batch with unique flavor profiles created from a blend with 80 barrels. During the blending process, the barrels are grouped into pods with specific sensory profiles, before being blended to achieve the unique high quality flavor profiles.

Official tasting notes, per the distillery, are:

  • AROMA: Wildflower honey, light stone fruit, rose, bubble gum, cherry pie, and toasted oak
  • TASTE: Golden raisin, toast, nutmeg, turbinado sugar, ginger and praline
  • FINISH: Medium bodied, slightly sweet, shifting to a dry ginger warmth

The Restoration Rye 2021 batch #1 is $39.99 per bottle and has 50.5% alcohol by volume. There are more than 20,000 bottles produced. 

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