Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Sled Includes Its Own Whiskey Bottle Holster

| November 26, 2014

When it comes to holiday fun, a whiskey or two to ward off the cold days as you play in the snow certainly sounds fun. If you go sledding though, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to strap your bottle in as you hurdle down your local snow hill? That is now possible courtesy of Jack Daniel’s, which is running a holiday promotion to win a hand-crafted sled made from its whiskey barrels.


The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Sled was crafted for the popular whiskey brand by “craftsmen at Kartwheel, a custom metal and wood shop based in Austin TX.” These guys took “retired” whiskey barrels and, using a “big roofing torch,” among other tools, went about hand making the sled. This included a leather whiskey bottle holster with straps mounted on the backside of it.


To win this sled, of which there are actually five that have been crafted as prizes, Jack Daniel’s is holding a “very best bad gifts” holiday photo contest you can enter by visiting their website.  Those behind this say they “don’t condone riding the Whiskey Sled. It’s a display piece, after all.” You have to imagine though by late winter we will see at least one YouTube video of someone riding one of these in a snowy setting, bottle of whiskey happily strapped on the back for a post-ride drink.

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