J. Carver Delivers New Batch Of Its Single Malt Whiskeys

| November 18, 2021

J. Carver Distillery in Minnesota recently announced the second limited edition release of its cask strength single malts, Etiquette Whiskey and Trifecta Whiskey.

“Introduced to the market late last year, these two very different and very unique single malt whiskies were developed in collaboration with our friends at BSG, a subsidiary of Rahr Malting based in Shakopee, Minnesota,” stated Bill Miller, a founder of J. Carver, in a prepared statement. “This … is simply to make our friends and fans aware that these extremely limited release products are shipping to select retailers, so they can avail themselves to the limited supply.”

“Those that enjoyed our first limited release of Etiquette and Trifecta Whiskey are in for another treat once our second edition release of these two unique offering hits their lips,” followed Gina Holman, founder and managing partner of J. Carver Distillery. “Our customers are thrilled for our second edition release of these single malts and although production is limited to fewer than 500 bottles of Etiquette and 600 bottles of Trifecta, they will be available to scotch-lovers and whiskey aficionados just in time for holidays.” 

J. Carver single malts

J. Carver single malts (image via J. Carver)

The distillery said the Etiquette Cask Strength Whiskey Single Malt is a smooth and balanced limited release malt with a balance of sweetness and spice, with flavors of dried fruit, red currant,  bright citrus, baking spices, roasted cereal, caramel, honey and nougat.

The malt was distilled from a single strain of malted barley and aged for more than four years in new and used charred oak barrels. It is non-chill filtered and bottled at a cask strength of 120.8 proof.

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The Trifecta Cask Strength Whiskey Single Malt, meanwhile, is noted as being complex for a single malt whiskey, with rich flavors of espresso, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, spice, dried bitter orange peel, apricot, dark toffee, caramel, malted cereal, and nougat.

It is distilled from a trio of malted barley and aged for over four years in three types of experienced J. Carver spirits barrels that were produced by three local cooperages. It is bottled at 118 proof.

Both whiskeys are available in Minnesota.

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