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Hood River Distillers Releases New Sinfire Sriracha Honey Whisky

Hood River Distillers out of Oregon recently unveiled its latest addition to the popular Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey portfolio — Sinfire Sriracha Honey Whisky.

The new addition is described by the brand as the first of its kind to hit the market and combines the smooth, rich notes of a “balanced whiskey” and the spicy sweetness from Sriracha and honey.

The Sinfire Sriracha Honey Whisky is available both in 50ml and 750ml sizes.

Sinfire Sriracha Honey Whisky
Sinfire Sriracha Honey Whisky (image via Hood River Distillers)

“We are very excited to shake things up in the flavored whisky category with such a unique and exciting flavor combination. The blend of Sriracha and honey takes the consumer on a rollercoaster of flavors from sweet to spicy and back again,” Zack Crowe, Marketing Brand Manager at Hood River Distillers, said in a prepared statement.

The Sinfire Sriracha Honey Whisky is 35% alcohol by volume and 70 proof and available in Oregon and Washington and will be released in other states in the near future at a suggested retail price of $15.95. The distiller said it is recommended as a chilled shot, but can be delicious as a cocktail mixer.

This release joins the Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey, Sinfire Apple Cinnamon Whiskey and the Sinfire Vanilla Cinnamon Whisky. Hood River Distillers was founded in 1934 and is headquartered in Hood River, Oregon.

Official tasting notes are below.

  • Aroma: honeycomb, caramel, red pepper, orange blossom and tangerine nectar
  • Taste: spicy, warm/thin honey, floral, creamy, red spice pepper, tart rose, rainier cherry and smarties candy
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