Holladay Distillery Expands Spicy Pickle Flavored Whiskey Sales

By Allyson Nichols / December 26, 2020

Whiskey (and pickle) lovers all around know about the classic pickleback shot – a shot of whiskey (usually Jameson), followed by a pickle juice chaser. It’s a perfectly easy combination for those wanting something to finish off the night with, and now it’s available as its own whiskey thanks to Missouri-based Holladay Distillery.

Whicked Pickle (35% ABV) merges the two ingredients of a pickleback into one bottle as a pickle-flavored whiskey with a peppery heat finish. It can be enjoyed as a shot, straight, chilled or as a substitution for vodka or gin. Holladay Distillery recommends trying out the “Whicked Mary,” their take on the classic Bloody Mary cocktail.

Holladay Whicked Pickle Whiskey

Holladay Whicked Pickle Whiskey (image via Holladay Distillery)

The initial launch of the product began in October and was limited to Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin with what’s said to be immediate response interest from distributors, retailers, on-premise accounts and consumers throughout the country. The distillery, well-known for its brand Tequila Rose, is known for making innovative products and even introduced the world’s first eco-friendly vodka, 360 Vodka, in 2007, as well as importing 2017’s Five Farms, said to be the world’s first farm-to-table Irish cream.

With the pandemic causing dips in certain parts of Holladay Distillery’s business, the company saw an opportunity to have some fun with product development, thus leading to the concept of Whicked Pickle, which was on the market within only a matter of months.

The product is now shipping to additional states, with full national distribution expected in early 2021. Until then, consumers interested in the product can visit the Whicked Pickle website to see where they can grab a bottle of the spicy pickle whiskey or visit their local retailers about special ordering, as well as sign up to be notified when there’s a release in their state.