Google Embraces The Cocktail Lifestyle With New Search Feature

Is Google at the center of your Internet universe like it is for so many other people, this blogger included? If such is the case, and you also happen to be a cocktail lover, you’ll be interested to know the search engine company recently launched a new feature letting you pull up cocktail recipes and related information through a simple look up command.

The new search function, announced on Thursday by Google, was debuted under the headline “because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere: cocktail recipes now served on Google.” The idea is to let you be your own mixologist, as Google calls it, by typing in the name of a cocktail recipe you seek into its search box. It then provides basic directions on how to make it, including as well a list of needed ingredients and a photo of what the drink should look like. You can see an example of this below for the classic Manhattan whiskey cocktail.


The Google cocktail recipe look up, according to the popular tech news website The Verge, is associated with Google’s Knowledge Graph project. This ongoing project enhances on-screen Google search results with related information gathered from a range of sources. For the purposes of cocktails the data mainly seems to be coming from Wikipedia. Recipes can be viewed in searches both from your computer as well as mobile apps.

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Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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