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George Dickel To Get The Bottled In Bond Whiskey Designation?

By Nino Marchetti / March 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: If you’ve noticed in the last few days, we’ve begun more regular coverage of interesting new whisk(e)y labels as they emerge from the TTB approval phase. This is done as a courtesy to our readers to inform them about potential new bottlings of favorite brands down the road. It should be noted, however, that not all whiskeys which get this label approval will actually appear on retail shelves – it is still at the discretion of those who produce it as to its final fate. This should all be treated as speculation therefore until an official announcement is made from the distillery or brand in question.

The popular George Dickel Tennessee whiskey label, owned by spirits giant Diageo, is constantly in a battle with rival Jack Daniel’s to be the whiskey of choice for those who prefer this particular style. Could a bottled in bond designation help that? Perhaps, which is why it is intriguing to see the potential of a Dickel Bottled in Bond label emerge over at the TTB COLA public database.

The George Dickel Tennessee Bottled in Bond Whisky, according to information appearing on the approved label, would meet the requirements for bottled in bond as put forth by the federal government for this style of whiskey. This includes being made from a single distillation season and distillery; aged at least four years and bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV).  These are all conditions Diageo is indicating it has hit with this possible release.

George Dickel Bottled In Bond label

Is a George Dickel bottled in bond variant coming soon (image via TTB COLA)

Information specific to the label indicates this release is likely at least 12 or 13 years old, having come from barrels maturing “since fall 2005 with a taste that’s bold and complex.” It has been “distilled and charcoal mellowed” at Dickel’s Cascade Hollow distillery in Tennessee, though bottling has occurred at a plant in Illinois.

Where Dickel Bottled in Bond will ultimate fall in terms of price point if it is released remains to be seen. Bottled in bond whiskeys from major labels have tended over the years to be on the less expensive side, while a number of the craft whiskey offerings are a little more expensive. Still, for fans of George Dickel, this will be a sought after expression regardless of the MSRP.