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Frisky Whiskey Launches As New Premium Flavored Whiskey

A new flavored whiskey has come to market, crafted in small batches, and delivering caramel and vanilla flavors.

Last year, it is said, flavored whiskies gained a 6.4% share of the growth in the whiskey category. And this led James Landis and Nicole Young, two entrepreneurs behind the Hpnotiq Liqueur brand, to team up with industry veteran Ken Donarski to launch Frisky Whiskey.

Frisky Whiskey is made in Charleston, South Carolina, and each batch of the craft whiskey is infused with pure caramel and raw vanilla, originally created as an extension of Landis’ William Wolf Whiskey line.

Frisky Whiskey
Frisky Whiskey (image via Frisky Whiskey)

After taking home gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018 and being named one of the highest rated flavored whiskeys, Frisky went on its own and the the Frisky flavor was pulled from the line, rebranded, and given its solo identity.

The distillers noted that Frisky’s flavor profile intentionally leans into their aged whiskey’s prominent notes of caramel and vanilla. It’s made from 100 percent whiskey, not spirit whiskey, and Frisky’s formula uses pure caramel and natural vanilla to accentuate and enhance the natural whiskey notes. The flavored whiskey clocks in at 70 proof.

Landis said in a prepared statement that Frisky whiskey “appeals to anyone that’s ever enjoyed a flavored cocktail, but never thought they could enjoy brown spirits,” and the flavor “pays homage to the notes found in great aged whiskeys but puts them in a starring role and makes them more fun.”

Young, who collaborated with Landis on the development of Frisky’s flavor, said the duo’s mission was to “create an inclusive whiskey experience that was approachable for the curious, welcoming to connoisseurs and delicious to everyone.”

Young said she is “especially excited to tap into the ever-growing female whiskey audience,” which is estimated to make up nearly a third of American whiskey drinkers.

“Equally prioritizing the female and male perspectives in terms of whiskey is long overdue and I’m excited to have the opportunity to do that with Frisky,” she said.

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