Freddie Noe’s Little Book Whiskey Goes North For Second Release

Freddie Noe is a Kentucky distilling man with a big legacy on his shoulder. As the up and coming Beam Suntory employee carrying the Beam whiskey making history in his lineage, he has a lot to show in terms of how he will follow in the footsteps of those like his father and current Beam master distiller Fred Noe. The younger Noe has already done this to some extent with the first version of his Little Book whiskey which was released last year, and now he’s back with the second product to this line.

Little Book Chapter 02: Noe Simple Task

Little Book Chapter 02: Noe Simple Task (image via Beam Suntory)

Little Book Chapter 02: Noe Simple Task, according to those behind it, is a blended whiskey just like the first Little Book was. Where things get interesting is in the fact Noe went north, to Canada, for some of the whiskey in this mix. In his own words,

The road to Noe Simple Task started when I visited our Canadian distilleries in early 2017. I enjoy travelling to different places in the world to see how they distill their spirits. There, I was able to taste some great Canadian whisky straight out of the barrel. I was really drawn to the fruit and floral notes they achieve. I wanted to know more.

Later in the year I went back for a deeper dive to learn all about their process. And taste some more great whisky. This was a step outside my comfort zone. The rules and laws for making whiskey in Kentucky that I grew up with don’t apply up there. But I came back inspired and began blending.

Now, while the flavors of the Canadian whisky had piqued my interest, my heart still lies in Kentucky. So I was excited about the idea of bringing the best of both worlds together.

What’s resulted from all this has put Noe’s blending skills to the test, as he’s brought together an 8 year old Kentucky straight rye, a 13 year old Canadian rye and a 40 year old Canadian. These three whiskies played together to his idea of blending a Kentucky rye, so it seemed a natural fit to him to use two Canadian choices in the mix.

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Noe Simple Task is bottled at a somewhat hardy 120 proof, and you’ll find some official tasting notes for this golden amber colored whiskey below for your consideration. It is set to price around $100.

  • Aroma: Caramel with soft spice and dried fruit notes
  • Taste: Full bodied blend of seasoned Oak, spice and vanilla notes with hints of cinnamon
  • Finish: Slightly lingering with a warm spice finish


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