Four Top Craft Whiskey Outfits Collaborate Once Again For New Bottling

fourkings-ryeWhat can four great craft distilleries from the Midwest come up with when they put their collaborative minds together and create a limited edition whiskey? We are about to see round two of the results of this, as once again those behind the shared Four Kings label – Few Spirits, Mississippi River Distilling Company, Corsair and Journeyman – are set to unveil in Chicago this week their latest creation.

It was around this time last the year the four tied up to unveil a blended bourbon making use of 30 gallons of whiskey that each contributed to the final bottled product, which was available through the well known spirits retailer Binny’s. Such is the case again, only this time we are looking at rye whiskey as the common element between these craft whiskey creators, with this new release being planed for its public unveiling at Binny’s “World Of Whiskies” 2015 tasting show on April 9.

I’ve taken select portions of the news release tied to the new Four Kings Rye Whiskey and put it together below for your consideration. If the rye is as good as the collaborative bourbon was last year, this is definitely another must have whiskey for collectors of craft bottlings.

The distillers decided this year to bend rye whiskies from each distillery to make a one of a kind product between the four of them.  “We all have distinctive ryes.” said Journeyman Distilling owner and distiller Bill Welter.  “I’m really excited to see how they marry up.  It was amazing last year to see how four individual whiskies made such a unique blend.”

The four distilleries all sent 30 gallons of rye whiskey to Mississippi River Distilling Company.  Those whiskies were blended and bottled as Four Kings Rye Whiskey in early 2015.  The whiskey is being distributed to retailers around the Chicago market in April.

“The blend only made a little over 500 bottles.  So it’s not going to last long.”  said Joe Katz from Tenzing Wine and Spirits, who distributes Journeyman Distilling products  in Chicago.  “But the rarity of the whiskey makes it even more interesting.”

The product will land in Chicago just in time for “Whisky Week Chicago 2015” which is a celebration of everything whiskey from April 5-11.  The whiskey will be unveiled at Binny’s “World of Whiskies” tasting show on April 9.  Following that event, Delilah’s whiskey bar will host a tasting party with all four distillers in attendance. 

“The release night is really what it is all about.” added Monique Huston of Stoller Wholesale Wine and Spirits, who represents FEW Spirits in the Chicago market.  “You’re going to see the four guys who made it gather around the table with their distributors, retailers, bartenders and their fans to truly celebrate the vibrant craft market we have here in Chicago.”

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