Dogfish Head Brewery Brings Forth Another Craft Whiskey

Delaware’s Dogfish Head craft brewery, as we touched upon earlier this year, established a distillery not too long ago in the distant past. It has thus far produced a number of spirits out of there, including a whiskey that was finished in casks that previously held one of their rums. Now they’ve unveiled a second such offering in their Alternate Take whiskey line up, this time being finished in a beer influenced cask made from an exotic South American wood.

The new Dogfish Head Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels, according to those behind it, is batch distilled using a grain bill of malted barley, applewood-smoked malt, coffee-kilned malt and crystal malt. It is fermented with the brewery’s Doggie Ale yeast and placed in American oak barrels for a period of unmentioned aging.

The whiskey is then finished in casks that previously aged Dogfish’s Palo Santo Marron brown ale. The wood of these casks is said to be Palo Santo, a Paraguayan wood that “has been used in South American wine-making communities for decades for its uniquely complex caramel and vanilla notes.”

Dogfish Head Alternate Takes: Volume 2

Dogfish Head Alternate Takes: Volume 2 (image via Dogfish Head)

Alternate Takes: Volume 2 is bottled at 90 proof, and will be made available in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Official tasting notes suggest “amber color, Aromas of honey, toffee & hazelnuts. Flavors of caramel, smoke, green tea, blond roasted coffee, white chocolate & dark wood. Medium body with a slightly smokey heat.”

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