Dickel Maker Cascade Hollow Returns With Newest Cascade Moon Whisky Expression

George Dickel head distiller Nicole Austin, as she continues to build her tenure at the Cascade Hollow distilling facility in Tennessee, brought to market earlier this year the first bottling in the new Cascade Moon Whisky series. Designed to both pay homage to the distillery’s history and set the tone for the future of the category, it has now recently been joined by another expression.

The new Cascade Moon Edition No. 2, according to those behind it, was taken from a small batch blend curated around the first barrel of Tennessee whiskey filled after the distillery returned from shutdown in 2003.  In total it used less than 20 barrels, holding some whiskeys aged at least 17 years. It is crafted in celebration of this facility’s heritage.

Cascade Moon Edition No. 2

Cascade Moon Edition No. 2 (image via Cascade Hollow/Diageo)

Also, in a bit of a bold move, “even the release’s packaging pays homage to whisky making over the last 150 years. This unique sand blasted ceramic bottle is sourced from one of limited producers in the world. The labels are hand printed using a 130 year-old press, to create a stunning look and feel.”

Plans call for Cascade Moon Edition No. 2, bottled at 45% ABV, to be regionally released in Tennessee, California and Texas for a limited time. Suggested price from the brand is a rather steep around $250 per 750 ml bottle. Some quite limited official tasting notes make mention of “vanilla, oak, leather and oil.”


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