Detroit City Homegrown Rye Whiskey A Local Whiskey Affair

Detroit City Homegrown Rye Whiskey A Local Whiskey Affair

By Nino Marchetti / November 17, 2015

Detroit City Homegrown RyeOne aging American city seeing signs of a whiskey rebirth is Detroit, Michigan. There are only a handful of distilleries there at the moment, but they are looking to move the needle on craft whiskey like so many others across the country. Detroit City Distillery is one of these, and they just unveiled a pretty interesting new rye whiskey currently available in their home state.

The simply named Homegrown Rye is crafted from what’s said to be organic rye drawn from a farm in nearby Eaton County. Distilled from a mash bill that’s 97% rye and 3% barley and caramel malted barley, the distillery says this whiskey is particularly unique in that they believe they are the only one “using specialty malted barley (i.e similar grains as in an IPA).”

The rye whiskey, after being aged for an undisclosed amount of time in new charred American oak barrels, is bottled at 94 proof. There isn’t much available in the way of tasting notes, with Detroit City only saying it is spicy and buttery.

There was no immediate mention of when Detroit City Homegrown Rye would be available more nationally, but it might be an interesting one to compare against similar ryes from other parts of the country should you be able to snag a bottle.


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