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Dancing Goat Distillery’s Single Barrel Program Sees Successful First Year

Wisconsin’s Dancing Goat Distillery had a successful first year for its single barrel program, selling more than thirty-five barrels of whiskey, each selected by retailers for their own stores.

Dancing Goat invites retailers to the distillery or sends a selection of samples to taste based on the profiles the retailers are seeking. Proof, mash bill, aging and finishing are all variables that make each selection distinct.

Vice President of Distilling and Innovation, Nick Maas, personally conducts a one-on-one tasting with the retailer while at the distillery, or holds a virtual tasting through a zoom call if samples were sent directly.

Dancing Goat Barrels
Whiskey at rest at Dancing Goat (image via Dancing Goat)

“I love working with our retailer partners,” Maas said in a prepared statement. “It’s like a dance. Going back and forth with each sip and sharing the nuances of different taste profiles that they are trying to achieve. Eventually getting to the perfect whiskey experience that they want to provide their customers.”

Barrels sold to date include Dancing Goat’s six year-old Limousin Rye with special bottled proofs and finishes.

The distillery also made exclusive mash bills available under a Dancing Goat Distillery Single Barrel Selects label. These included rye bourbon, malted bourbon, oat bourbon and 100% corn whiskey.

Depending on the whiskey and proof selected, a barrel will yield between 15 to 40 six-pack 750ml cases.

Most recently, online retailer selected two different single barrels. The first sold out in four hours and the second barrel sold out quicker, for a combined total of 200 bottles sold.

In addition to Seelbachs, the distillery has worked closely with retailers and distributors to select barrels for stores in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas and Florida.

“Our customers like to hear that we took the time to choose this particular whiskey for them,” said retailer George Beneos, of Doti Liquors in Illinois. “Serious whiskey lovers and those new to whiskey both really appreciate the special attention and we enjoy the experience working closely with Dancing Goat to select our own barrel.”

The Dancing Goat Distillery Single Barrel Program will continue and expand in 2022. For more information or to set up a single barrel tasting/selection, you can email [email protected].

Gary Carter

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