Daddy Rack Releases Second Allocated Single Barrel Limited Edition

| November 22, 2022

Daddy Rack recently announced the second annual, allocated release of their Single Barrel Cask Strength editions.

Months of tasting and researching brought J. Arthur Rackham, also known as Daddy Rack, to a range of single barrels that he hand-picked and found to be unique and special.

“Barrels that embody authentic Tennessee whiskey that deserve to be shared with the whiskey market,” Rackham said in a prepared statement. “Word is out, and whiskey enthusiasts have already started calling into their local liquor stores to get their hands on the limited editions.”

Daddy Rack Single Barrel 2022

Daddy Rack recently announced the second annual, allocated release of their Single Barrel Cask Strength editions. (image via Daddy Rack)

The Daddy Rack Single Barrel Cask Strength editions are made using high-grade Level 1 corn from farmers local to the distillery, distilled and aged for nearly four years in charred (Level 3) new American oak barrels.

Those barrels are then double mellowed (filtered through maple charcoal twice) for a smooth finish. The barrels were hand-selected by Rackham.

“I’ve spent the last few months searching for some amazing barrels that represent the full spectrum of authentic Tennessee whiskey,” said Rackham, in his role as master maker and blender. “The team are fantastic at what they do and it’s always a pleasure to personally pick the barrels each year for the limited editions.”

Created in 2020 by Rackham, this Tennessee Straight Small Batch Whiskey is also made with with Level 1 high-grade corn (80%) from farmers local to the distillery as well as rye (10%), and malted barley (10%).

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It was distilled and aged for three years in lightly toasted and charred new American oak barrels, then double mellowed. The mellowed whiskey clocks in at 80 proof and comes in 750ml bottles.

Rackham, born in London, started his spirits journey back in 1968 when he was an apprentice with a Cognac family, working alongside the experienced mentors in the distillery and rackhouses.

That started a 40-year career in blending spirits, as well as the international spirit merchant business. Rackham became a “go-to guy” for major buyers of Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, and in the last decade years, complex botanical recipes of gin.

That journey, he explained, led him to a new collaboration with an experienced team of distillers and cellar masters bringing about an original Tennessee Straight Small Batch Whiskey recipe that he calls “true to tradition.”

The nickname Daddy Rack was a name his eldest daughter gave to him, and has since stuck.

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