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Craft Beer Movement Responds To Silly Anti Craft Beer Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

This being a whiskey blog and all, talking about craft beer isn’t something I normally would do as it is a bit off topic. That being said, I live in Portland, Oregon and the buzz here post Super Bowl is not just on the fact the Seattle Seahawks lost, but also of a very silly commercial macro beer giant Budweiser aired which essentially made fun of those who enjoy craft beer that actually has flavor and taste (never mind the fact its parent company has been buying up craft breweries of late). The original ad is below:


Now, if you want to read a good tear down of this silly ad, Paste has a nice little article to check out that does just that. The craft beer segment certainly wasted no time in responding to this waste of video, with Hopstories, a video producer that focuses upon the stories of those behind quality beer, leading the rebuttal via this awesome video spoof of the Budweiser commercial you can see below:


Pretty slick, huh? Probably also done on a fraction of the budget Budweiser spent for their ad. It just goes to show once again of the rising power and influence craft liquor, whether it is beer or whiskey, is having in the face of long established macro giants.

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