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Craft American Distillery, Led By Former Midleton Master Distiller, Debuts Member Cask Program

O’Shaughnessy Distilling is gearing whiskey lovers up for the forthcoming release of their Keeper’s Heart Whiskey by inviting them to join its new Keeper’s Heart Cask Society. This particular start up whiskey maker made news last year by securing the services of legendary Master Distiller Brian Nation (formerly of Redbreast, Powers, Midleton and Jameson whiskies).

This VIP club will give members a crack at one of the first 100 casks of Keeper’s Heart Pot Distilled American Whiskey, a new expression cooked up by Nation that uses a mash bill of malted and umalted barley distilled three times in copper pot stills and matured in virgin American oak casks.

“Keeper’s Heart is all about family. The whiskey is a tribute to our Irish American heritage, and we see the distillery as a home away from home to bring people together,” Patrick O’Shaughnessy, co-founder of O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company said, in a prepared statement.

Keeper’s Heart Cask Society
Keeper’s Heart Cask Society (image via O’Shaughnessy Distilling)

“The Keeper’s Heart Cask Society creates an opportunity to be among the first to join our family.  Members will share something unique and enjoy special experiences. The opportunity to experience the aging of a cask is something truly special. We are very proud of what we’re building, including a community that we are pleased to welcome on this journey with us.”

In addition to receiving the entire contents of their individual cask, Cask Society members will be welcomed to a VIP tour of the O’Shaughnessy Distillery in Minneapolis, Minnesota (set to open in June of 2021), led by Nation, that will include tastings of their whiskeys, branded glassware and tasting kits, a sample of their Keeper’s Heart Whiskey, and lunch and cocktails for themselves and three guests.

Nation and the team at O’Shaughnessy Distilling will communicate with members to plan for when the whiskey in their cask will be bottled. Each cask will mature for a minimum of four years, with the final number of bottles determined by how much longer the whiskey is allowed to age. Each 700ml bottle will then be labeled with cask number, proof statement, date of cask lay down, date of bottling and Nation’s signature.

“I have gained years of distilling experience since I started my career but joining the O’Shaughnessy family to build this unique whiskey is the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime for me and my family,” said Nation. “I’m proud of what we’re building here. The casks that will be featured to the Keeper’s Heart Cask Society will contain completely unique liquids that will evolve and develop at the distillery over the next several years.”

While the hope is that Keeper’s Heart Cask Society can visit the distillery in person, anyone who isn’t able to do so can still sign on and will receive a call from Nation to talk through the process and all the other benefits of membership.

As with other cask programs like this, membership to the Keeper’s Heart Cask Society isn’t cheap. The cost stands at $15,000 USD, and membership is limited to only 100 people.

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