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Could Jack Daniel Someday Have His Own Commemorative Stamp?

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery has been blessed with marketing genius almost from its humble beginnings. One publicity move after another have drawn celebrities of all genres and international attention. It can be argued that the Jack Daniel’s name, bottle and label is one of the most iconic and immediately recognizable American products in the world.

That is an amazing situation considering what would come to be known as Jack Daniel’s was founded by a 13 year old orphan, Jasper Newton Daniel, near a remote cave in South Central Tennessee in 1866. The site today is quite the tourist draw, with over 270,000 people visiting the distillery last year alone in Lynchburg, Tenn., where Daniel continued to live in until his death in 1911.

The distillery, as it prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary, is now asking its worldwide fan base to back its push for a special commemorative stamp issued in the name and image of Jack Daniels. Of course it’s a very strategic marketing move honoring the oldest registered distillery during this anniversary. In addition, it acknowledges a geographic location that is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places as being the place of something historically significant.


The company now has in excess of 30,000 signatures on its online petition, along with strong social media support. It comes as no surprise as well that the entire congressional delegation from Tennessee is strongly supporting this push as well.  Obviously, Jack owns a very unique position in our nation’s history and especially in our contemporary culture.

As for commemorative stamps in general, some have argued that the first one was issued in 1866. However, most historians have set the date at 1893. A few additional ones were added sporadically over the next several years. In 1924 the U.S. Postal Service began issuing these special stamps yearly.

Originally, the Postmaster General decided what would be appropriate for this stamp. In 1957, a committee process was established for making this determination. This team of 12-15 members (Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee) considers nearly 50,000 ideas each year with the Postmaster making the final decision. These suggestions can come from anyone and if you have an idea, you can learn more about how to submit one here.

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John Rayls

I am an Episcopal priest and live in beautiful San Antonio, TX. I’ve only been seriously drinking whiskey for about 10 years. However, I’ve attended multiple whiskey workshops and visited several distilleries and have sampled everything I could get my hands on. I prefer bourbon, but am always open to enjoying new whiskeys.

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