Cookie Dough Flavored Dough Ball New To Flavored Whiskey Scene

| June 13, 2022

A new and unique whiskey flavor profile is coming to market, as spirits brand Dough Ball just introduced its cookie dough flavored whiskey to several states around the country.

Not just a rise in demand for whiskey, the past two years is said to have seen an increase in the flavored whiskey category, 33% growth over the past two years.

A statement from Dough Ball notes that the spirits maker looks to liven up the drinking experience while catering to a wide range of consumers in this market.

Dough Ball

Dough Ball (image via MPL Brands)

“This is the beginning of an era for Dough Ball as the flavored whiskey category continues to expand and rise to new heights,” said Joey Parris, Chief Marketing Officer of MPL Brands.

“We wanted to create a whiskey that is a stand-out amongst competitors while also being something approachable and fun for every kind of consumer, highlighting the flavor of your favorite chocolate chip cookie in a deliciously satisfying whiskey, whether sipped, shot, or mixed in a cocktail,” he added.

Parris explained that the cookie dough whiskey sounds just like it tastes, crafted with notes of buttery vanilla, chocolate and caramel, smoothed out with hints of butterscotch. It comes bottled at 70 proof.

Dough Ball is available in select states at major retailers and will become more nationally available throughout 2022 for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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