Coffee Inspired Whiskey Line Up Debuted By Colorado Distillery

Denver, Colorado-based Deviation Distilling has been in play only since 2019, primarily focused on its flagship series of gins. It recently drifted into whiskeys, however, launching a new line up of coffee whiskeys known as Barista Spirits. 

The new Barista Spirits whiskeys, according to those behind them, consist of three offerings: Americano Whiskey (a bourbon whiskey paired with Guatemalan coffee beans), Aztec Whiskey (a rye whiskey paired with Ethiopian coffee, Saigon cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla beans) and Mocha Whiskey (paired with Brazilian coffee and chocolate).

For each of these bottlings the distillery made them with hand selected and roasted coffee from Copper Door Coffee Roasters, their next door neighbor.

Barista Whiskeys

Barista Spirits Whiskeys (image via Deviation Distilling)

“We have been wanting to release a brown spirit for quite some time,” said Deviation Distilling co-owner and founder, Bob Wiley, in a prepared statement, “and made the plunge by bucking the trend of needing to release a non-flavored whiskey before a flavored whiskey.

“We’re looking forward to using the trio in our line of Irish coffee and White Russians, signature cocktails, and straight up pours.”

You’ll find some limited official tasting notes below for all three Barista Spirits whiskeys. Pricing was not immediately mentioned.

  • Americano Whiskey: Just as you’d expect. Bold. Rich. Unadulterated. A pure expression of what happens when great bourbon meets expertly roasted Guatemalan coffee beans.
  • Aztec Whiskey: Complex and nuanced. Unexpected. Exotic. The convergence of excellent rye whiskey, locally roasted Ethiopian coffee beans, Saigon cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla beans.
  • Mocha Whiskey: Rich, yet faintly sweet. Dark. Lingering. The confluence of flavors always meant to be together: whiskey, Brazilian coffee beans, and artisan roasted chocolate.