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Charbay Distillery Releases an American Blended Whiskey

Charbay Distillery out of California is known for being one of the earliest distilleries in the American craft whiskey movement. It has entered its 35th year of existence, and to mark this special occasion is debuting an American blended whiskey it calls Double & Twisted.

Charbay Double & Twisted Whiskey, according to those behind it, is named after an old distilling term tied to when “the best stuff” begins to come off the still. The background of this whiskey is that current Charbay master distiller Marko Karakasevic, when preparing to follow in the footsteps of his father and founder of the distillery Milorad (Miles) Karakasevic, was working “on his ‘liquid thesis’ in 2009 to become the 13th generation Master Distiller in his family. Following the bottle-ready beer whiskey program he and his father started in 1999 (the first known whiskey distilled from bottle-ready beer in the US), Marko chose an IPA beer for his recipe. As this was the family’s first non-oak aged whiskey, he was finally awarded the title after 30 years of apprenticeship.”

What’s evolved into this 90 proof whiskey today is said to be the best of the years since the first thesis project. It specifically is a double Alambic pot distilled blend of 50% aged single malt (3 year); 30% aged stout whiskey (7 year); and 20% aged pilsner whiskey (3 year). It is noted as well the distillery begins each batch of whiskey with bottle ready beer, and this blend includes distillations of two custom brewed beers made for Marko by Bear Republic, a California brewery.

“We had a fun time picking these 10 barrels,” said Marko Karakasevic in a prepared statement. “Making a blend of three different types of whiskey really stacked up the flavor profile. Drinking this at 90 proof is pretty dreamy.”

Plans call for 660 cases of Charbay Double & Twisted Whiskey to be made available nationwide. Each bottle of it will price around $50. Limited official tasting notes suggest the whiskey “exudes floral, green spice notes, warm aromas of baking spices (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, allspice) and oak-smoked malted barley. French and American Oak impart flavors from smoky, toasted vanilla to dark roasted coffee.”


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