Castle & Key Brings Forth New Restoration Rye Batches

By Allyson Nichols / October 15, 2021

Castle & Key Distillery in Kentucky recently announced the release of Roots of Ruin Harvest Seasonal Gin, as well as Restoration Rye Batch 2 & 3.

Roots of Ruin Harvest Gin is full of flavors of pine, berries, and sweet spices, according to official tasting notes. Star Anise, Sumac, Fennel, and Bay Leaf botanicals have never previously been used in Castle & Key seasonal releases. Gin Still Operator, Henry Bradley, created the new bottling using the same mash bill and production methods as Castle & Key’s rye whiskey up to the barreling stage.

Instead of putting the distillate into the barrel, it is redistilled into vodka. Sumac was steeped in the rye base during the vodka distillation. The Sumac steeped vodka is then redistilled once more to allow the alcohol vapor to pass through the gin baskets, infusing the vapor with the essential oils and other flavor compounds contained in the remaining botanicals. The vapor is then condensed back into a liquid.

Restoration Rye Batch 2 & 3

Restoration Rye Batch 2 & 3 (image via Castle & Key)

“This autumn season, we’re excited to release our Roots of Ruin Harvest Seasonal Gin, as it encompasses the thoughtfulness and detail we put into our seasonal gins and showcases the best botanicals of the season,” Research & Development Manager at Castle & Key Distillery said in a prepared statement. “We’re also thrilled to simultaneously release the continuation of our 2021 Restoration Rye series with Batch #2 & #3; the first being blended to showcase many of the traditional rye whiskey characteristics of baking spice, brown sugar and dark fruit, while the latter is more non-traditional with delicate flavors of citrus and stone fruit.”

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Restoration Rye Batch #2 is created from a blend of 75 barrels, while Rye Batch #3 is comprised of 70 barrels. During the blending process, barrels are grouped into pods with specific sensory profiles and those pods are then blended.

All new releases are available this month. Roots of Ruin Harvest Seasonal Gin (53% ABV) will be available in KY, TN, IN, GA, SC, TX, IL, CO and WA states for a retail price of $36.99. Restoration Rye Batch 2 & 3 will be available in KY, TN, IN, GA, SC, TX, IL, CO, WA, AZ, NY, CT and NJ states for a retail price of $42.99. Official tasting notes for the whiskey can be found below.

Restoration Rye Batch #2
  • Aroma: Mint, Apple Pie, Nutmeg, Orange Peel
  •  Taste: Brown Sugar, Baking Spice, Clove, Fig
  • Finish: Sweet with Heavy Spice
Restoration Rye Batch #3
  • Aroma: Lemon Peel, Apricot, Toast, Floral
  • Taste: Honey, Lemon, Allspice, Stone Fruit
  •  Finish: Juicy, Fruity, White Pepper