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Broken Barrel Whiskey’s Americana Whiskey Features A New ‘Oak Bill’

Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. recently added a fifth expression to its core lineup of Kentucky straight bourbon and rye whiskeys.

The new whiskey, Americana, clocks in at 100 proof, 50% ABV, and features a mash bill of 80% corn, 14% rye and 6% malted barley.

A statement from Broken Barrel explains that Americana explores blended American whiskeys with an entirely new “Oak Bill,” a concept unique to Broken Barrel which denotes the combination of barrel staves from different types of barrels used in each expression.

Broken Barrel Americana
Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. recently added a fifth expression to its core lineup of Kentucky straight bourbon and rye whiskeys. (image via Broken Barrel)

In Americana, it’s 40% charred American oak, 40% toasted American oak and 20% American apple brandy cask.

The distiller’s notes show that the result of this Oak Bill is a distinctive whiskey with a honeycomb sweetness and notes of toasted cashew and butterscotch that melts into more complex oak and marshmallow notes.

“Previously, we offered a selection of Rare Americana offerings as part of our single barrel program for private groups and retailers,” said Seth Benhaim, Broken Barrel founder and CEO. “The new Americana 100 proof whiskey was inspired by those bottlings, but is a much more accessible offering for Broken Barrel fans to enjoy regularly.”

Benhaim said that while most whiskey is aged in barrels and then bottled, he believes there’s a missed opportunity in traditional barrel finishing as the reliance on one type of barrel used to finish one type of whiskey.

He said they created Broken Barrel to expand the barrel finishing concept, involving not only broken barrel staves (vs. intact barrels), but also the combination of multiple barrel types.

Once Broken Barrel whiskey ages for a minimum of two years, their barrels are selected, dumped and batched in a large tank. The broken barrel staves from several different kinds of casks are then added to further age and finish the whiskey.

The new expression Americana will be on shelves starting in November with a suggested retail price of $35. It joins the company’s lineup of Small Batch, California Oak, Heresy Rye and Cask Strength whiskeys which are distilled at the Owensboro Distilling Co. in Kentucky.

You can find out more about Broken Barrel and where to get a bottle at

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