Blackened American Whiskey Recently Released A New Cask Strength Offering

By Hannah Kanik / November 21, 2020

Sweet Amber Distilling Co. last month launched its Blackened American Whiskey’s Cask Strength program with the limited edition Batch 106. This expression, it is said, has been sonically enhanced by the “S&M2 playlist” from the brand’s “Black Noise” finishing process.

Blackened, for those that don’t remember, was launched back in 2018 in collaboration with Metallica and late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. It is a blend of bourbons and ryes from North America that were individually aged for eight years, combined in black brandy casks and exposed to “low-hertz frequencies” of Metallica’s songs to influence the finishing in a sonic enhancement process called Black Noise.

Blackened Whiskey Batch 106 Cask Strength

Blackened Whiskey Batch 106 Cask Strength (image via Sweet Amber Distilling)

The Cask Strength that’s been unveiled has the same blend and sonic enhancement treatment. However, this blend is bottled at 110.7 proof, rather than the Blackened’s standard 90 proof. Official tasting notes indicate that, “on the nose, you’ll find notes of maple syrup, vanilla, almond, corn husk, white pepper, and cinnamon bark. A sip offers a warming butter-cream mouthfeel that rolls through to almond, nougat and pear with a drying walnut, cinnamon and butterscotch finish.

“Add a small drop of filtered water and the heat softens up immensely, opening the whiskey and allowing a more prominent flavor profile.”

“I’m excited to debut the first expression in our Cask Strength program with our fans and whiskey aficionados,” said Rob Deitrich, Blackened’s Master Distiller & Blender, in a prepared statement. “Metallica packs a punch with their performances, which is epitomized with the S&M2 album release. The Cask Strength version offers Blackened in its purest form while emulating the powerhouse musicians behind it.”

Batch 106 is  available in a commemorative box “featuring original, Blackened x S&M2 Squindo artwork to celebrate the use of the S&M2 playlist in the sonic enhancement process.” It is pricing around $55 per 750 ml bottle and out there at retail in limited numbers.