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Bernheim Gets A Barrel Proof Wheat Whiskey Variant

Heaven Hill recently announced the release of its first barrel proof expression of Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey.

Bernheim is known as a whiskey that uses winter wheat as its primary grain, which the distiller explains creates a soft, sweet flavor.

A statement from Heaven Hill notes that this extension to the Bernheim brand delivers the same smoothness but more depth of flavor thanks to the seven to nine full years of aging.

Bernheim Barrel Proof
Heaven Hill recently announced the release of its first barrel proof expression of Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey. (image via Heaven Hill)

The distiller pulled the whiskey straight from the barrel and bottled it without chill filtration. The whiskey itself is made at the namesake Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky and aged in Heaven Hill’s rickhouses.

Bernheim Barrel Proof will be a nationally allocated product, the distiller explained, which will be released in batches, twice a year. Each release will have its own unique batch number and proof which will vary from edition to edition.

The distiller’s notes show that Bernheim Barrel Proof is made with Heaven Hill’s wheat whiskey mash bill, 51% wheat, 37% corn, and 12% malted barley.

The A223 batch of Barrel Proof is bottled at 118.8 proof or 59.4% ABV.

The notes show that this wheat whiskey has a nose of oak staves and fresh bread, and its taste includes buttery hints of caramel and honey, as well as the spiciness of cloves. It finishes with lasting flavors of honey and caramel.

“The launch of the Barrel Proof expression of Bernheim Wheat Whiskey is a very exciting one for Heaven Hill,” said Master Distiller Conor O’Driscoll, in the prepared statement. “We know this is a product consumers want, and we think this batch has the smoothness they’ll recognize from Bernheim Original, but with an even greater depth of flavor.”

Bottles of this Bernheim Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey will feature the A223 batch number on the front of each bottle next to the Barrel Proof designation. The letter “A” represents the first batch of the year. The first number represents the month of the release with “2” indicating February. And the last two digits indicate the corresponding year with “23” designating 2023.

The new release will be in stores by the end of February, and has a suggested retail price of $64.99.

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