Beer + Whiskey For One Distillery Equals Beerskey

| November 21, 2014

beerskeyBeer and whiskey often can make for an interesting night at the bar, to be sure, but rarely have the two ever been brought together to create a unique spirit. Those behind Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery out of Wisconsin looked to do that not too long ago themselves, distilling from two craft beers a unique whiskey spirit line called Beerskey.

The Beerskey offerings are the result of a collaboration with Sand Creek Brewery, again out of Wisconsin. According to Infinity the whiskey style concoction is created by double distilling a beer on their small batch still and then aging it in micro barrels made by a cooperage out of Minnesota.

Volume One reports these spirits were aged in the barrels for up to nine months before being bottled. The first two offerings in the Beerskey family include a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout that was distilled from a beer of the same name, resulting in an 80 proof expression that’s said to have “flavors of dried chocolate rich smoke and a hint of oats.”

The other initial release, Dopplebock, again came from a beer of the same name, clocking in at 80 proof. It reportedly offers “flavors of spice, toasted caramel, butterscotch toffee and nut.”

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Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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