Beam’s Latest Little Book Expression Is A Blend Of 3 American Whiskeys

Freddie Noe, eighth generation Beam distiller and son of current Beam master distiller Fred Noe, has been on a whiskey journey of his own in recent years though the Little Book whiskey series. This annual release has given him a chance to flex his creative whiskey muscles, showcasing his passion for blending and his curiosity for the different types of tastes that can be achieved through the blending process.

Little Book is now onto is its fourth year, and for this time around Freddie Noe has brought together in the new “Lessons Honored” American whiskey an interesting component mix of a 4-year-old Kentucky Straight Brown Rice Bourbon, an 8-year-old Kentucky Straight “high rye” Rye Whiskey and a 7-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. More specifically to each, according to the brand:

  • The Kentucky Straight Brown Rice Bourbon, which delivers complex notes of oak and fruit to the blend, reminds Freddie of the first distilling project he handled on his own, after years and experiences under Fred’s guidance.
  • The “high rye” Rye Whiskey is an ode to Booker’s Rye, an award-winning product created in 2017 and one of the first commemorative releases that Fred and Freddie tasted and selected together. This component lends a sweetness paired with rye spice that lingers across the entire palate.
  • The extra aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon rounds out the blend with rich flavors reminiscent of Beam’s Small Batch Bourbon Collection and preferred by Fred. Though he didn’t know it at the time, Fred actually helped select this final component when Freddie sought his opinion on several different samples.
Little Book Chapter 4 "Lessons Honored"

Little Book Chapter 4 “Lessons Honored” (image via Beam-Suntory)

“This year’s release is an ode to my dad and the lessons he has passed down to me about bourbon and life, all of which I hope to pass down to my own children,” said Freddie Noe in a prepared statement. “A lot of them go back to honesty and integrity. He taught me to be true to myself, which is something that’s very important in our family, and to know when to slow down and be patient. Dad’s values carry over into our whiskey brands, and I’m proud to honor him with this special blend.

“Going into the selection and blending process for this year’s release, I had a very clear idea of how I wanted to honor my dad and the story I wanted to tell with this whiskey. I knew right away these were the whiskies I wanted to work with, so I spent most of my time perfecting the blend to balance the flavors to create a whiskey that would make Dad proud.

“I think I did just that – all the way down to the blue neck tag which represents our favorite sports team, the Kentucky Wildcats.”

As it stands now plans call for Little Book Chapter 4 “Lessons Honored,” bottled at 122.8 proof, to go on sale this month in limited quantities nationwide for around $125 per 750 ml bottle. Limited official tasting notes suggest “flavors of full-bodied brown sugar, rich charred wood and dried cherries. The finish is soft and decadent, leaving a warm caramel taste on your tongue, followed by a spicy finish.”