Baltimore Spirits Releases Its Latest Cask Strength Rye Whiskey

Baltimore Spirits Company, founded in 2015, has as a mission the restoration of the industry of rye whiskey and spirits manufacturing to Maryland, historically a state known for rye whiskey production. The debut a few years back of their flagship Epoch rye whiskey was said to be the first straight rye produced in Baltimore in almost a century. 

The distillery has seemingly done relatively well for themselves since that time, including releasing not too long ago an offshoot of their rye that was finished in liqueur barrels. Now Baltimore Spirits is back with another offering, this time in the form of the third batch of a cask strength expression.

Epoch Rye Cask Strength

Epoch Rye Cask Strength Batch #3 (image via Baltimore Spirits Company)

Epoch Rye Cask Strength Batch #3, according to those behind it, was aged for three full years, versus two with the regular Epoch whiskey, and bottled without any water dilution. This resulted in a rye whiskey with a hearty 115.5 proof that’s said by the distillery team to be an “especially flavorful and strong spirit.”

This barrel of Epoch Rye is being released as the distillery “continues to dedicate a portion of their production line to creating hand sanitizer for local healthcare workers to ease local shortages caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

“We feel really lucky not only that we’ve been able to help in some way to deal with this horrible situation but also that we haven’t had to watch that last five years of work go up in smoke,” said Baltimore Spirits Company CEO Max Lents in a prepared statement. “I can say with confidence that every batch of Epoch Rye we put out is better than the last, so we hope this new one brings some normalcy to our customers during this time.”

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Those looking to purchase a bottle of this cask strength rye whiskey, priced at around $60 per 750 ml bottle, can do so directly through the distillery.