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Balcones Has Some New Offerings For Its Single Barrel Program

The Balcones Single Barrel Private Selection Program, like so many other single barrel whiskey programs out there, is all about showcasing a range of options for those considering their own private barrel picks to choose from. The Balcones one has being seeing some success given the popularity of this Texas distillery, with it having expanded across a wider range of states within the last year or so. Now several new pick choices are available as well.

The expanded Balcones Single Barrel Private Selection Program, according to those behind it, now makes available to those who partake in it single barrel picks of Texas High Plains Single Malt, Rumble Cask Reserve, and Texas Rum. These join the likes of Texas “1” Single Malt, Texas Rye and True Blue Corn Whisky, some favorites of the greater Balcones brand.

Balcones Single Barrel Private Selection Program

Balcones Single Barrel Private Selection Program (image via Balcones)

The way the Balcones single barrel program works is that the distillery invites whisky clubs, businesses, and individuals to “hand-pick their own branded single cask of Balcones’ award-winning spirits. Bottled at cask strength, each single barrel boasts a singular taste profile born of its unique mash bill, barrel, age, and location within the distillery or rickhouses.”

“Our fans are always looking for interesting and unexpected flavor experiences, and our Single Barrel program provides the opportunity for them to select truly one-of-a-kind spirits,” said Jared Himstedt, head distiller at Balcones Distilling, in a prepared statement. “By definition, there will never be another taste exactly like the casks that are selected.”


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