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Balcones Distilling Debuts Big Baby 5-Year-Old Bottled-In-Bond Corn Whisky

Texas’ Balcones Distilling just released Big Baby 2022, a five-year-old bottled-in-bond straight corn whiskey that looks to usher in the next generation of the distillery’s corn whiskeys.

Matured in used tequila casks from Mexico, Big Baby 2022 is the distillery’s first bottled-in-bond whiskey, a denotation that requires the whiskey is a product of a single distiller in a single season, aged for a minimum of four years in a federally bonded warehouse and bottled at 50 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

Big Baby 2022 will join Balcones’ other corn whiskeys such as Baby Blue, Brimstone, True Blue Cask Strength and True Blue 100, all made from roasted blue corn and milled, mashed, fermented, distilled and matured in used oak in Waco, Texas.

Big Baby Bottled in Bond
Big Baby Bottled in Bond (image via Balcones)

Since their initial corn whiskeys, Balcones has since moved its ingredients closer to home with a hybridized heirloom blue corn grown in Texas.

The distiller’s notes show that this 100-proof whiskey, Big Baby 2022, features a sparkling minerality, southwestern flavors and a citrusy earthy finish.

“We take immense pride in our exploration and conception of blue corn whisky,” said Jared Himstedt, head distiller at Balcones Distilling, in a prepared statement. “Big Baby 2022 represents our own learnings and maturity, as well as our ability to appreciate whisky that is nurtured with patience and restraint. As we have matured, so have our whiskies, and we look forward to sharing Big Baby 2022 and future variations to come.”

Big Baby 2022 has a suggested retail price of $59.99 and will be available in Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and New Jersey.

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