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Angel Envy’s Newest Rye Whiskey Is Finished In Ice Cider Casks

Angel’s Envy is known for its American whiskey expressions, particularly its flagship bourbon finished in port wine barrels. Among its various offerings is its Cellar Collection, a “special release program that honors the late Lincoln Henderson’s pioneering and innovative spirit.” The latest from this has now been announced, taking the form of a rye whiskey finished in ice cider casks.

The new Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey Finished in Ice Cider Casks, according to those behind it, takes the distillery’s rye whiskey (seven years old, 95% rye mash bill) and finishes it for 364 days in French oak casks used by Eden Specialty Ciders to create an ice cider from tart, late-season Northern Spy apples that had been naturally cold-concentrated in Vermont before partial fermentation and aging. Ice cider, for those that don’t know of it, is a style of dessert-style cider that is produced primarily in the northern US and Canada.

“The flavor profile of this whiskey is very unique – the spiciness of the rye is balanced by the fruity sweetness from the ice cider casks, and there’s a crispness that is really distinct. We’ve never seen a whiskey finished in ice cider casks before, so we’re excited to introduce this finish as part of our Cellar Collection,” said Kyle Henderson, Angel Envy’s Distillery Production Manager, in a prepared statement. “My brother, Andrew, was the one who found these barrels and raised the idea of an ice cider finish; he’s really championed this project from the beginning.

Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey Finished in Ice Cider Casks
Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey Finished in Ice Cider Casks (image via Angel’s Envy)

“As we tasted samples and learned more about the craftsmanship, time and resources required to create each bottle of ice cider, we fell in love with the product and the process and knew these special casks would be an excellent match for our rye.”

This whiskey is presented in a frosted glass bottle and commemorative gift box said to be inspired by “the unique, climate-driven elements of ice cider production.” It is a limited edition offering, with just 6,000 bottles total, that will be available for purchase beginning on February 25 at select retailers in NY, CA, FL, TN, IL, TX and KY, as well as at Angel Envy’s downtown Louisville distillery. It prices at around $250 per 750 ml bottle.

Angel’s Envy 500 Main members, beginning Feb. 15, can enter for the chance to purchase a bottle ahead of the public sale for pickup at the distillery. A total of 500 bottles will be reserved for the 500 Main presale lottery.

Official tasting notes make mention that, “on the nose, it offers notes of caramel candy apple and toasted oak, with faint notes of nuttiness and cinnamon. The palate features bold peppery and cinnamon notes accompanied by vanilla, ripe apple, toffee and butterscotch. The finish is long and transitions from spicy to sweet, with notes of brown sugar and apple with hints of earthiness and oak.”

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