All Aboard: In-Flight Old Fashioneds With The Carry On Cocktail Kit

| February 3, 2015

I have a theory that’s highly controversial. That, indeed, travel days are wonderful. I know, call me insane; but be it plane, train, automobile, or ideally a boat, moving around the Earth is a beautiful thing. The scenery is ever-changing, constant fresh faces crossing paths. To me it’s a great time for inspiration, and most importantly – given that I’m being chauffeured around by someone else – it’s a great time for a little cocktailing as well. And doing so at 30,000 feet just got a little bit better.

Glorious 2 oz. bottles of bourbon: meet The Carry On Cocktail Kit. Hailing out of Brooklyn, the folks over at W&P Design and Punch have dreamt up an intimate and classy way to celebrate travel days. The Kit – a handheld sleekly designed tin containing everything necessary to craft a scratch Old Fashioned. Recipe Card. Spoon/Muddler, Aromatic Bitters courtesy of Hella, Cane Sugar, and a Linen Coaster.


Maybe the best part about my Carry On Cocktail Kit is a moment of bliss, a few minutes of creation to myself. As my flight settles in, the attendant cheerfully inquires “Sir, and for you?”

I gleam “What do you got for whiskey?”

What:    The Carry On Cocktail Kit.   Specific for Old Fashioneds.


Buy: $24 USD at

Why:  To make travel days that much more enjoyable.