Accelerated Whiskey Aging Company Bespoken Spirits Nets Some Awards

The number of companies with shortcuts to the traditional whiskey aging process is something one sees slow increasing as entrepreneurs look to find ways to make quality spirit in a fraction of the time. Results on what these start ups produced can be decidedly mixed, but for one Silicon Valley based outfit known as Bespoken Spirits, some recent awards at spirits competitions showcase the fact perhaps indeed there is room for all to play on the whiskey field.

Bespoken said recently its whiskey is created using “proprietary technology to accelerate the maturation and tailor the color, aroma and taste.” Little is revealed on their website around how this works exactly, expect to note that they instill “the barrel in the spirit.” What’s know as their Bespoken Spirits Whiskey Bourbon Mash was effectively aged for less than one week, but this was enough for it to win “a gold medal in a blind taste test at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition 2019, competing against whiskeys aged between four and 10 years. This competition is one of the most respected judging events in the eastern U.S.A. and its judges are among the wine and spirits industry’s most trusted authorities.

“Bespoken Spirits Whiskey was also awarded a gold medal at the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards 2019, one of the preeminent spirit competitions focused on global craft and emerging brands. With more than 10 years of judging spirits, MicroLiquor Spirit Awards recognized the inaugural release of Bespoken Spirits Bourbon Mash Whiskey with a gold medal for its outstanding taste.”

Bespoken Spirits Whiskey Bourbon Mash

Bespoken Spirits Whiskey Bourbon Mash (image via Bespoken Spirits)

“Winning multiple awards for the debut of our Bespoken Spirits Whiskey validates our unique approach to solving the time-consuming, costly and complex problem of aging whiskeys,” said Martin Janousek, co-founder of Bespoken Spirits, in a prepared statement. “But the applicability of our technology is far broader than just our branded whiskeys.  We’re bringing the unique ability to accelerate aging and tailor spirits to distillers, rectifiers, and retailers everywhere so they can speed time-to-revenue, reduce financial and environmental waste, and appeal to new demographics and geographies through custom products. This new approach will revolutionize the spirits industry.”

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