8 Great Whiskey Gifts To Consider For This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon on us now is the time to hunt down that perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life (which could very well be yourself). In this holiday gift guide for whisky aficionados I’ve highlighted eight items I think you’ll find perfect for the bourbon or Scotch drinker who needs an extra accessory or two for a better drinking experience.

All of these items can be purchased through Amazon via the links below, and were chosen in part based upon average reviews from consumers who already own them as well as the fact they are eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping. Note that prices are current as of the time of this posting.

Slick Whiskey Decanter With Floating Ship Inside

Imagine the open sea ahead of you, the sense of adventure beckoning as the fresh salt air blows in your face. One way to further enhance that pleasure is with a good glass of whiskey at hand, which is why this slick lead-free glass decanter aims to capture the spirit of that, right down to the hand crafted floating replica of an old sailing ship inside. The 1100 ml container is mouth-blown and includes an easy turn gold-tone knob dispenser. ($59.99)




Glencairn Whisky Glass Set of 4

There really is no better glass for your favorite Scotch then this Glencarin set made of transparent crystal. It is lead free and sports a short base stand for easy resting on a table while you fill it. It is designed to rest well also in your hand, with the full bowl bottom shape tapering at the rim to help let you enjoy more of your whisky’s aromas. ($29.95)

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Vinturi Spirit Aerator

There are times where, to really get at the true flavor profile of a good whiskey, every little trick can help. With this little gizmo you can help improve your spirit’s aromatic nuances through push button flow control and a built-in jigger with volume marks, letting you measure into a glass the right amount while aerating your whiskey at the same time. It comes with its own stand. ($21.64)





At Home 1-Liter Whiskey Aging Oak Barrel

Ever wanted to try aging white whiskey at home? Besides the unaged whiskey you can likely buy from a local distillery or online you also need a small barrel. The one mentioned here is handcrafted from new American white oak and charred to a medium toast on the interior. It is wrapped in six black steel bands and includes a working spigot. ($49.99)


Whisky Chilling Rocks Gift Set

Some like their whiskey at room temperature, while others find slightly chilled helps cut down the burn and bring out more subtle flavors. Watered down Scotch can be unpleasant though once the ice melts, which is where these “chilling rocks” made from all-soapstone come into play. The set of nine stones, which can be chilled in the freezer, are non-porous so as to not interfere with the whiskey’s characteristics, while at the same time adding just enough temperature change to take that edge off. ($13.95)


Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask

There are flasks to carry your whiskey in, and then there’s this flask. Yes, it is a bit spendy, but the way it is built it should last long past most others on the market coming from China. This solid copper flask that’s been handcrafted in the USA holds up to nine ounces of your favorite bourbon and is modeled after those once used by early American settlers. It is certified safe to drink from by the FDA and includes a free American birch wood stopper. ($184.99)

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Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

The image at right may not tell you much I know, but what you are looking at is a set of two ice sphere molds from Tovolo. What are these exactly? For those who want ice in their whisky glass that will look cool and melt very slowly at the same time, this little product creates a 2.5-inch sphere that will do the trick quite well. The sturdy silicone mold is BPA free and releases the ice easily when you are ready to pop one into your favorite bourbon. ($10.99)


Double Wall Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass Set

These rather unique whiskey glasses from Sun’s Tea are double walled and designed to keep your Scotch chilled for an extra long time should you desire. They are made from lead-free borosilicate glass and are dishwasher safe. The particular design of these glasses holds nine ounces of liquid and is said to best suited for straight whiskey or whiskey style cocktails such as Manhattans. ($15.99)

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