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Mosstowie 1970 12 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice




Whisky Review: Mosstowie 1970 12 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice

Tasting Notes:

Mosstowie hits a different level of obscurity when it comes to ‘closed’ distilleries. This was a type of distillate produced at the Miltonduff Distillery through a Lomond still. A still type that’s a little more versatile than traditional pot stills, you can alter the lyne arm angle, as well as the amount of plates in the still. The odd indie bottling did make it out of the Ballantines blends, this being one of them, courtesy of Gordon and Macphail.
Schnapps yellow
Yellow plums, cane sugar and malty biscuits. Some softer notes of red grape, powdered sugar and Garibaldi biscuits, a raisin note really pushes through. There is a saltiness, too. Very reminiscent of Old Pulteney.
Light, fresh, grassy and very clean. It reminds me of Balblair 12 Year Old, but with the alcohol turned down. A little richer to taste with banana bread and gentle brown sugar notes.
The banana flavour really lasts with this, but now they’re green and under ripe. An amazing honey note comes crashing out of nowhere, then an almost sourdough bread taste. A little more savoury with saltiness running the show.
I really like this, I’m pretty sure this is my first Mosstowie and it’s a shame to know that this taste isn’t that readily available. For a 40% whisky it has some wonderful depth and reveal. Hard pressed to not let its charisma shine through.
The Mosstowie 1970 12 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice last sold in August 2023 for £270 at Scotch Whisky Auctions.

Mosstowie started its journey in 1964 at the Miltonduff Distillery near Elgin. This creation was part of an industry-wide experiment to produce grain whisky in pot stills.

To create this new expression, Miltonduff used Lomond Stills, named after the first distillery where they were used. These innovative stills featured an adjustable rectification plate, enabling distillers to control the spirit’s character – a feature absent in traditional pot stills.

For nearly two decades, Mosstowie produced spirits primarily for blending. However, in 1981, the Lomond Stills were decommissioned due to maintenance and cleaning challenges, returning Miltonduff to its single malt production.

Today, Mosstowie’s whisky is a collector’s item, its allure stemming from its unique production method and limited existence. Independent bottlers occasionally release expressions, such as this 1970 12 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice.

Phil Dwyer

Having worked in whisky retail for a decade, and running Whisky Wednesday on YouTube for nearly as long, Phil has always wanted to learn, talk and tell everyone as much about whisky as he can.

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