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Wenzel Whiskey Wheated #2




Whiskey Review: Wenzel Whiskey Wheated #2

Tasting Notes:

A wheated bourbon blend of two Georgia wheated bourbon barrels (both 6.5 years old) now owned by a Kentucky blender and bottled at 112.04 proof.
A high-quality moderate golden amber reflects in the glass, with both viscosity and legs of a decent nature.
This is very sweet on the nose, with strong forward notes of vanilla and caramel. A subtle undertone of baked bread exists, joined by that customary oak and a hint of cherry.
It has some nice warming bread notes on the palate, supported by a rich vanilla and caramel profile. Some oak is kicking around here, alongside a nudge of orange, almonds, and candy corn.
This finishes clean on the palate, with minimal burn, nice sweetness, and a short finish.
It is easy to see why Wenzel Whiskey Wheated #2 was extremely popular when it came out – there’s a really lovely flavor profile on it all around. There’s very little to find in the negative about this one.
Wenzel Whiskey Wheated #2 review
We review Wenzel Whiskey Wheated #2, a blend of two Georgia wheated bourbon barrels (both 6.5 years old) now owned by a Kentucky blender. (image via Wenzel Whiskey)

Editor’s Note: We received a review sample of this whiskey from the brand. However, in accordance with our editorial policies, this has not influenced the outcome of our review in any way.

Wenzel Whiskey is a Covington, Kentucky-based rectifier and blender tied to a name associated with that state’s whiskey past. The operation is based in a very old building, which, in 1873, housed one Henry Wenzel, who produced soda water, mineral water, and whiskey there. After his death just four years later, the space began a long journey as many other things until its current owner, Tony Milburn, picked it up in 2019. He planned first a restaurant there but later pivoted to reimagining the space as a bourbon blending experience and, eventually, aiming to turn it into a distillery.

As part of Wenzel Whiskey’s current strategy, they acquired the assets of Ghost Coast Distillery from Savannah, Ga., last year to boost production capabilities and transform Wenzel from a bourbon blending experience to a new bourbon distiller. Its operations are expanding into the building adjacent to the original space, where distilling will occur onsite alongside a new planned tasting room, event space, and retail shop.

As part of its current consumer-facing operations, Wenzel, which pulls samples from barrels representing different distilleries across various stages, ages, and other factors, allows visitors to have their own whiskey blending experiences. Additionally, the blender currently has a number of its own releases out on the market.

What’s in the bottle

The whiskey being reviewed here, Wenzel Whiskey Wheated #2, is a blend of two Georgia wheated bourbon barrels (both 6.5 years old) that just recently won “Best American Blended Limited Release” at the World Whiskies Awards. The proof is 112.04.

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