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The Results From ‘Top of the Rocks’ Cocktail Competition Are In

Winner of the grand prize at Top of the Rocks, Patrick O’Shea of White Limozeen. Credit: Silas Miller

On Sunday, May 19th, the Top of the Rocks Cocktail Competition was held at Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville, Tennessee. Bartenders from across the country came to compete, crafting unique cocktails for the judging panel and onlookers. 

Each entrant was given a randomly selected Tennessee spirit and locally sourced ingredients with which to make a delicious cocktail. 

The competition was held as part of Tennessee Whiskey Week, held by the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. 

Top of the Rocks Winner: Patrick O’Shea 

Patrick O’Shea from White Limozeen took the top prize for his creation: Strawberry Chicken Forever. The cocktail featured Old Dominick’s Gin and Acme’s Hot Chicken Spice. O’Shea’s cocktail will be featured on Old Dominick’s cocktail menu as part of the grand prize. 

Also included in the top prize was $500 in cash, seasonal menu inclusion at Acme Feed & Seed, a cocktail set from Cocktail Kingdom, and promotion via Tennessee Whiskey Trail outlets.

Speaking about his win, Patrick O’Shea said: “I’m honored to have won [Top of the Rocks], especially considering the incredible talent featured in this competition. Nashville has long been known for our first-class cocktail scene, so getting the chance to compete among the best and highlight this industry with some of Tennessee’s most iconic spirits brands was amazing.”

The Runners Up 

Tara Stouder of The Board Room (left), Patrick O’Shea of White Limozeen (middle) and Hayley Teague of Hathorn (right) earned the three prizes. Credit: Silas Miller

Awards were also earned for the ‘Fan Favorite’ and ‘Most Creative’ cocktails. 

The ‘Fan Favorite’ cocktail was the Bloody Old Fashioned, created by Tara Stouder of The Board Room. It featured Company Distilling’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Maple Wood. Hayley Teague’s (Hathorne) Princess Park Swizzle won the ‘Most Creative’ accolade using Old Tennessee’s Chocolate Caramel Whiskey. 

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail 

The Top of the Rocks Cocktail Competition was a fixture in Tennessee Whiskey Week, an annual event showcasing the rich and varied distilling culture in the state. 

Charity Toombs, executive director of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, said: “Top of the Rocks epitomizes what the Tennessee Whiskey Trail and Whiskey Week are all about: celebrating our state and its spirits, cuisine and culture. This event and Whiskey Week overall show that, in Tennessee, whiskey isn’t just a spirit; it’s an experience, rife with history and culture.”

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail was launched in 2017 and partners with over 30 distilleries across the state to provide unique experiences to whiskey tourists. Distilleries on the trail include Jack Daniel’s Distillery, Nearest Green Distillery, and Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. 

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