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Highland Park Launches Its Oldest Whisky: The 54-Year-Old Single Malt

Highland Park, the esteemed whisky distillery based in the Orkney Islands, has made headlines with the release of its oldest whisky to date – a 54-year-old single malt. This whisky, matured over five decades, serves as an example of the distillery’s dedication to the craft of whisky making.

Priced at £39,000 ($54,000), the Highland Park 54 is one of the most exclusive whiskies on the market. Only 225 of these limited edition bottlings have been produced, bottled from a vatting of 10 refill casks from, 1968, at the behest of Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion. Motion discovered the then-40-year-old casks in 2008 and vatted them together for a further 14 years before bottling for this exclusive release.

The Highland Park 54 isn’t the only aged whisky from the distillery that has drawn attention. The 40-year-old expression also holds its own charm and character. However, the 54-year-old offers a unique opportunity for whisky lovers to sample a spirit distilled over half a century ago. The tasting notes for this rare whisky include notes of  “warm spices”, “summer rose and jasmine”, and “pistachio biscotti”.

The Highland Park 54 is now available for purchase, providing a unique opportunity for those interested in the world of aged whiskies. This release represents not only a significant achievement in craftsmanship but also a piece of the distillery’s rich heritage.

Highland Park Distillery, nestled in Orkney, Scotland, boasts a fascinating history that extends back to the late 18th century. The distillery was founded by Magnus Eunson, a local butcher and church officer with a clandestine passion for whisky distillation and smuggling. In 1798, Eunson’s illicit operations were discovered, marking the official founding of the distillery. A few years later, in 1816, Excise Officer John Robertson assumed control of production. The Highland Park Distillery claims to have been established in 1798, though as with many 18th-century distilleries, this date should be taken with a measure of skepticism. Nonetheless, Highland Park has forged a reputation for producing exceptional single malt scotch whisky over the centuries.

Beth Squires

Beth joined Mark Littler Ltd full-time in October 2020 following the completion of her university degree. Since then she has gained wide-ranging knowledge of all things whisk(e)y, and has written extensively for both company and external publications. Beth is passionate about industry innovation, marketing, and sustainability. With a particular affinity for independently bottled rare scotch, Beth is also a whisky bottle investment specialist.

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