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Beam Distillery Annouces New Visitor Experiences & Events

The James B. Beam Distilling Co., the home of Jim Beam Bourbon, has announced expansions to its visitor experiences, as well as additions to its events calendar. Expansions include brand-specific experiences centered around famous brands such as Knob Creek and Jim Beam. There will also be new tours and tastings led by Fred and Freddie Noe, the father and son Master Distilling team.

These new experiences follow a multi-million-dollar investment into the James B. Beam Distilling Co. in 2022, in which the American Outpost was revamped, The Fred B. Noe Distillery was opened, and The Kitchen Table Restaurant was established. As a result, Beam Distillery has seen a huge increase in tourism (126,000 visitors in 2023 alone). 

It is hoped that the new visitors’ experiences (outlined below) will further boost Beam’s tourism, and allow guests to immerse themselves in the company’s 229-year bourbon-making history, guided by 7th Generation Master Distiller, Fred Noe (Jim Beam, Basil Hayden, Knob Creek) and his son, 8th Generation Master Distiller Freddie Noe (Booker’s, Baker’s, Little Book, Legent). 

The New Beam Distillery Visitor Experiences 

Beginning this summer, guests can book the following bourbon experiences at The James B. Beam Distilling Co.: 

Behind the Beam ($350)

“Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the production methods that helped the First Family of Bourbon build the world’s favorite Bourbon and an innovative portfolio of small-batch whiskeys. In Behind the Beam, guests are guided on a behind-the-scenes tour of the newly opened Fred B. Noe Distillery, have a front row seat to the bottling process of Knob Creek® Single Barrel Reserve and enjoy tasting and storytelling led by a Master Distiller. Following the tour, guests are treated to some of Beam’s finest whiskey and a few of the most sought-after new releases paired with a Kentucky-inspired lunch at The Kitchen Table.” 

Behind the Beam is a themed tour that will occur on different dates. The themes are: 

  • Maturation Matters – Join Fred and Freddie Noe on a tour of the warehouses and learn about how wood, climate, and the passage of time contribute to the profile of Jim Beam Bourbon. 
  • Little Book + Country Ham – Join Freddie Noe in blending a new batch of Little Book Bourbon followed by a curated tasting in which guest can compare and contrast flavors. Then, sample Freddie’s country ham, another Noe family heirloom. 
  • Cocktails – Join Fred and Freddie in mixing their favorite cocktails using Beam Distilling brands, and find out how to craft the perfect pour.
Some of the brands produced by Beam Distilling.

8 Generations Tasting Experience ($40)

“Taste through 229 years of whiskey making and discover the unique fingerprint each generation has left on this iconic spirit through a 40-minute guided experience. Guests will discover the Beam and Noe families’ rich legacy while tasting seven unique whiskeys, each a captivating chapter narrating their pioneering journey. From pre-prohibition classics to innovative contemporary expressions, this guided exploration lets guests experience the evolution of American Whiskey firsthand.” 

Knob Creek Tasting Experience ($25) 

“Embark on a guided tasting experience featuring Knob Creek’s lauded small-batch bourbons and rye whiskeys. Learn the secrets behind Knob Creek’s unique aging process through a 30-minute guided tour and discover how each different varietal tells its own story and learn how the release of Knob Creek was a major step toward making the small-batch whiskey movement what it is today.”

Jim Beam Tasting Experience ($20)

“Journey through the iconic expressions of the World’s #1 Bourbon brand in this immersive experience with a curated selection of Jim Beam expressions, allowing guests to appreciate the subtle nuances of each bottling. From Jacob Beam’s pre-prohibition roots to the modern-day leadership of Master Distillers Fred and Freddie Noe, this 30-minute guided exploration showcases the evolution of this iconic brand.”

In addition to these experiences, dates have been released for the Clermot Supper Club dinner series, hosted at The Kitchen Table restaurant. The dining experience is “inspired by the original Beam family kitchen table, a place of storytelling, whiskey sharing, and recipes”. Featuring a curated menu, cocktails, and exclusive whiskey tastings, guests can sit down with Fred and Freddie Noe for a night of good food and whiskey revelry. See the dates and purchase your tickets here.

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