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All Of The Platinum Medal-Winning American Whiskeys From The 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Last week, I wrote a rundown of all of the Platinum medal-winning bourbons from the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC). This week, continuing the breakdown of the 82 Platinum medal winners (across all categories), I will take a look at the Platinum medal-winning American whiskeys. 

Ryes, single malts, and Tennesee whiskeys all make an appearance on this list, with each earning praise from the judges at the 2024 SFWSC. 

Delving into the producers, tasting notes, and where you can buy – these are all of the Platinum medal-winning American Whiskeys from the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

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Detroit City Distillery Homegrown Rye 

Credit: Detroit City Distillery

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Buttery, caramel, coffee, spice
BUY NOW: $54.99

Detroit City Distillery was founded by eight childhood friends, inspired by the “entrepreneurial spirit” of Detroit, borne from the enforcement of prohibition. The distillery produces small batch, artisanal gin, whiskey, and vodka with ingredients sourced from farms across the state. 

Detroit City Distillery’s Homegrown Rye is a high-rye expression, featuring a 97% rye and 3% “specialty roasted barley malts” mash bill. The rye grains were sourced exclusively from Washtenaw Co., making this a 100% Michigan expression, bottled at 47% ABV. 

Distilled in a small pot still and aged for at least two years, this rye whiskey “celebrates the legacy of the farmers that make our spirits possible.” 

High Bank Distillery Midnight Cask Barrel Proof Whiskey

Credit: High Bank Distillery

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Buttered plum, raisin, white pepper, vanilla
BUY NOW: $57.99 

The first of three expressions from High Bank Distillery on the list of Platinum medal winners from the 2024 SFWSC is the Midnight Cask Barrel Proof Whiskey.

High Bank Distillery is named for the decision to place Ohio’s state capital, Columbus, on the High Bank next to the Scioto River. The decision was made as the opposite side of the river, Franklinton, was deemed to have an unacceptable flood risk. According to High Bank’s website: “We take the same uncompromised approach when selecting each ingredient to create every plate of food, crafted cocktail, and bottle of High Bank spirits.” 

Midnight Cask Barrel Proof Whiskey is a blend of cask strength whiskeys and Australian Tawny Port Wine. Aged for over five years, the whiskey was bottled at a barrel strength of 51% ABV. 

High Bank Distillery Whiskey War Barrel Proof Whiskey

Credit: High Bank Distillery

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Gingersnap cookie, all spice, vanilla, caramel
BUY NOW: $71.99 

Whiskey War Barrel Proof Whiskey is a high-rye whiskey that is aged for at least four years at High Bank Distillery in Ohio.

The named ‘Whiskey War’ is an ode to the early days of prohibition, which is said to have started a mere 12 miles from High Bank Distillery. The story goes that: “In 1875, Henry Corbin took a chance and opened a saloon in an area known to strongly oppose the consumption of distilled spirits. Not once, but twice, the saloon was blown up. It was said before the first explosion, he came outside to address the protesters with two pistols drawn. That single act is believed to have ignited the Whiskey War of prohibition and launched the Anti-Saloon League.”

According to High Bank: “Unique batches inside our expertly blended whiskey wage war with each other and your taste buds come out the victor.” 

High Bank Distillery Whiskey War Double Oaked 

Credit: High Bank Distillery

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Leather, vanilla pipe tobacco, all spice
BUY NOW: $69.99

The Barrel Proof expression is not the only Whiskey War bottling to win a Platinum medal at the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

Whiskey War Double Oaked kicks the standard expression up a notch by an additional 6-12 month maturation period in a charred oak barrel.  

Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey 

Credit: Jack Daniel’s

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, soft fruit, sweet tobacco, spice
BUY NOW: $149.98 

An instantly recognizable name in the whiskey industry, Jack Daniel’s also takes a spot on the Platinum medal winners list with the Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old

The long-awaited expression was released in 2021 and has since been released in annual batches. Throughout its 10-year maturation period, the whiskey is rotated between ricks in JD’s barrelhouse, subjecting the barrel to various different temperature fluctuations. This leads to an extended maturation period and a deep, rich profile. 

In 2023, Jack Daniel’s also released a 12 Year Old, perhaps signalling an ongoing foray into age-statement Tennessee whiskey. 

Pacific Coast Spirits American Single Malt 

Credit: Pacific Coast Spirits

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Bright malt, stone fruits, chocolate

Pacific Coast Spirits is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, California. The craft distillery produces whiskey, gin, and agave spirits using local ingredients. The Pacific Coast Spirits American Single Malt is no exception. 

The 100% malted barley mash bill comprises Golden Promise pale malt, Munich malt, Crystal 60, and 2% chocolate malt. Aged for at least six years in charred American oak barrels, the resulting single malt carries sweet oak influences and a malt-forward flavor. 

The whisky is bottled at a cask strength of 57% ABV.

This current batch seems to be sold out everywhere at the time of writing. However, for a chance to procure a bottle once it is back it stock, take a look of Pacific Coast Spirits’s Bottle Club

Rittenhouse Bottled-In-Bond Straight Rye Whiskey 

Credit: Heaven Hill Distillery

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Dried fruits, toffee, sweet peppers, cocoa, citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, maple, spice
BUY NOW: $21.99

Rittenhouse Bottled-In-Bond Straight Rye Whiskey is produced at the multi-award-winning Heaven Hill Distillery

Named for Philadelphia’s famous Rittenhouse Square, the Bottled-In-Bond rye whiskey is spicy and powerful, yet perfectly balanced. According to Heaven Hill, the rye is created in a classic “Pennsylvania style”. 

Rye whiskey was extremely prevalent in the state around the turn of the 19th century. With the appetite for rum declining, and embargos all but ceasing trade with the French and the British, Pennsylvanians turned to their plentiful rye crop to create a new spirit. 

In accordance with BIB legislation, the Rittenhouse Rye whiskey was aged for at least four years at bottled at 100 proof, with the higher ABV elevating the rye spice notes. 

Triple Eight Distillery 15 Year Old The Notch Nantucket Island Single Malt 

Credit: Triple Eight Distillery

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: Stewed and dried fruits, dark chocolate, vanilla, honey, coconut, spice
BUY NOW: $499.99

Returning to another American single malt, we have the Triple Eight Distillery 15 Year Old The Notch Nantucket Island Single Malt. 

As the name suggests, the distillery is located on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. The Notch single malt has been distilled on the island since 2000, making Triple Eight one of the first single malt whiskey distilleries in the US. The Notch was first released in 2008. 

Distilled from Maris Otter heirloom malted barley, this 15 year old The Notch expression is “engagingly robust” thanks also to its long maturation period on the small island. Nantucket Island experiences a varying climate, exposing the barrels to both cool and moist, and hot and humid weather. This encourages increased interaction with the oak barrels. The sea air also seeps in through Triple Eight’s ventilated warehouses to create the unique expression. 

The Notch also pays homage to Islay, an island in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides and whisky region in its own right. Prior to distilling the first island American single malt, Co-founder Dean Long spoke with Bowmore Distillery’s former production manager to learn more about the distillery’s batch distillation process. 

Bainbridge Battle Point Barrel Proof Wheat Whiskey 

Credit: Whisky Auctioneer

Medal: Platinum
Tasting Notes: No official tasting notes available
BUY NOW: $61.99 (non-Barrel Proof expression) 

Bainbridge Distillery, located on Bainbridge Island, was founded by Keith Barnes in 2009. The plant is independent, family-owned, and family-run. Barnes is dedicated to ensuring quality production of organic spirits including gin, whiskey, and vodka. 

The Platinum medal-winning whiskey, Bainbridge Battle Point Barrel Proof Wheat Whiskey, is named for the small community on the western side of Bainbridge Island. The wheat whiskey is distilled from a 100% wheat mash bill and aged for over 6 years in virgin American white oak. Whilst the standard expression is bottled at 43% ABV, the medal-winning expression is Barrel Proof, bottled at 141.3 proof. 

The Barrel Proof expression is proving to be very elusive. However, you can purchase the lower ABV version on wine-searcher, with notes of caramel, orange peel, sherry, baking spice, and salty sea air. 

More Results From The 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition 

So, there we have it. Another category down. 

This list is truly fascinating due to the wide variety of whiskey types and practices featured. From ryes, to single malt, to American island whiskey, there is something on this list for every American whiskey lover. 

Keep an eye on my Awards Series tag for further updates on award-winning whiskeys, both from the 2024 SFWSC and beyond. 

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