Stuck At Home Whisk(e)y Video Watchlist: Booker Noe, The Legendary Master Distiller

Editor’s Note: With an increasing number of individuals now spending more time at home because of the coronavirus outbreak, one needs a range of activities to pass the days. Part of this can be learning more about the whisk(e)y lifestyle through online video. It is with this in mind we bring you the Stuck At Home Whisk(e)y Video Watchlist, an ongoing curated video list chosen from sources such as YouTube. So pull up a chair and a dram and we hope you enjoy.

Today’s Video: Booker Noe, The Legendary Master Distiller

  • Source: Vimeo
  • Length: 14:16 minutes

“I had been doing a lot of videos for Jim Beam Brands prior to making this video in 1998. The video was made for the theater at the Jim Beam distillery in Bardstown Kentucky. Booker Noe was the Grandson of Jim Beam and the master distiller at the time. We became very friendly with Booker and his family and subsequently made many videos with him.

“We shot this video on mini dv (boy, would I have killed to do this with an HD camera but that wasn’t even an idea at the time). Film was not in the budget because we literally shot this video over several weeks not including all of my footage I had done prior to this point for Jim Beam. The edit was done off-line by Lucyna Wojtas (now my wife) on a D-Vision NLE, one of the first NLE’s. Then we re-edited the whole video in a machine to machine on-line room and mastered on 1″ video.”