Making Finnish Rye Whisky (Stuck At Home Whisk(e)y Video Watchlist)

Editor’s Note: With today’s video we’ve decided for the moment it is time to wrap up the Stuck At Home Whisk(e)y Video Watchlist feature. Since March we’ve hunted down a range of fascinating videos on all matter of whisk(e)y topics across the globe. To visit the archive of these, hit the link above. We thank you for having watched these.

Today’s Video: Making Finnish Rye Whisky

“Kyrö Distillery Company is an all-rye distillery in Isokyrö, Finland. Like many others, the idea of rye distillery was conceived in sauna. While the whisky matured, in 2015 Kyrö Napue rye gin was awarded the best gin for gin&tonic in International Wines and Spirits competition.”

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