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, | May 12, 2023

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Elements of Islay Cask Edit is one of three new expressions released by Elixir Distillers to become available to the US market in March of this year. The other expressions within this range include their Elements of Islay Bourbon Cask and Elements of Islay Sherry Cask.

Essentially, these expressions are a re-imagining of Elements of Islay’s core range of blended malt whiskies. Each expression is produced through the use of different elements of maturation, which, according to the brand, are “aimed at curious whisky drinkers who have a desire to experience, taste and explore the unique flavors of Islay.”

Elixir Distillers is a London based independent blender, bottler, and creator of fine spirits. A few other spirits produced by Elixir Distillers include Black Tot Caribbean Rum, Macbeth Scotch Whisky, Karuizawa Japanese Whisky, and Tapatio Tequila. Elixir Distillers also produces a line of glassware that was designed by the brands’ Founder Sukhinder Singh along with their Creative Director, Raj Chavda and developed with Glencairn Crystal. 

As stated by Oliver Chilton, Elixir Distillers’ Master Blender in a prepared statement, “We’re very excited to present a new, re-imagined core range of whiskies for Elements of Islay. The rich, smoky flavors make this unquestionably elemental and a great start to the Elements of Islay whisky journey. The blend combines fresher, fruitier style of peaty Islay single malt from the north coast with a typical rich and smoky style from Islay’s south coast and has been matured in four different styles of casks to offer a complex but balanced whisky for enthusiasts and people looking to discover the incredible island of Islay. We already had an excellent reception in other markets and hope we’ll introduce more US-based drinkers to the joy of Islay whiskies”.  

Bottled at 92 proof, Elements of Islay Cask Edit is a blend of single malt from an unspecified south coast Islay distillery along with a fruitier style from an unspecified distillery on the north coast. It is a naturally colored non-age statement whisky that’s been aged in first fill and refill bourbon barrels and sherry casks and is non-chill filtered.

Elements of Islay Cask Edit review

We review Elements of Islay Cask Edit, aged in first fill and refill bourbon barrels and sherry casks and non-chill filtered. (image via Impex)

Tasting Notes: Elements of Islay Cask Edit

Vital Stats: 92 proof (46% ABV), 750ml, aged in first fill and refill bourbon barrels and sherry casks, MSR $72. 

Appearance: Pale gold.

Nose: Up front there’s rubber eraser notes accompanied by light smoke, a subtle vegetal scent, soft salt notes and a grassy hard plastic character. 

Palate: Green pepper notes hit the palate first followed by a distinct gentle burn on the tongue, along with sea salt and notes of campfire smoke that lingers on your clothes.

Whisky Review: Elements of Islay Cask Edit


Not overly complex but well-balanced with a smoothness and pleasant palate coating oiliness. With a medium finish this is an acceptable sipper that I’d be more apt to use in cocktails more so than other Islay whiskies. The flavor profile is not so overbearing that it would mask other ingredients but rather would provide a more cohesive element to the mix than trying to steal the show. Additionally, it’s approachability makes this a good entry level Islay whisky for newcomers. 

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