Whisky Review: Dewar’s French Cask Smooth Scotch Whisky

, | December 19, 2022

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Dewar’s is known for being one of the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whiskies. The blended brand’s “heart malt” is Aberfeldy, so the Aberfeldy Distillery plays host to the Dewar’s visitor’s center. Located at the foot of the Scottish Highlands, Aberfeldy has been making Scotch whisky since 1898.

Bearing the distinction of being the only distillery built by the Dewar family, Aberfeldy was founded in 1896 by John Dewar, who was born just three miles from this now historic site. 

Dewars French Smooth Blended Scotch Whisky consists of the brand’s eight-year-old double-aged blended whisky that’s been finished in  Calvados casks from Normandy, France, whose apple harvesting season served as the inspiration for this expression. “This cask finish enhances the signature Dewar’s citrus notes whilst subtly imparting baked apples and crème anglaise,” said Stephanie Macleod, Master Blender for Dewar’s in a prepared statement. “It is a bright and delicious whisky with the ultimate balance and smoothness. The full-bodied finish makes it perfect to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in an apple and cinnamon highball.” Some cocktail recipes for Dewar’s French Smooth include the “Le Flaneur” and the “Apple Nouvelle”. 

Launched in October of this year, Dewar’s French Smooth is the fifth expression from Dewars’ double-aged, blended Scotch cask-finished series. The first four of the cask series include Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth Rum Cask Finish, Dewar’s Ilegal Smooth Mezcal Cask Finish, Dewar’s Portuguese Smooth Port Cask Finish and Dewar’s Japanese Smooth Mizunara Oak Cask Finish.

Aged for 8 years and bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV), anticipate a creamy and smooth texture with a low mouth burn offering flavor notes of buttery clove, smoky black licorice, and baking spices followed by a medium-long finish with lingering medicinal notes. 

Dewar’s French Cask Smooth was awarded Silver in the 2022 International Wine & Spirit Competition and Silver in the 2022 World Whiskies Awards. 

Dewar’s French Cask Smooth review

Dewar’s French Cask Smooth Blended Scotch Whisky (image via Jennifer Williams/The Whiskey Wash)

Tasting Notes: Dewar’s French Cask Smooth Blended Scotch Whisky 

Vital Stats: Aged 8 years, 80 proof (40% ABV), MSRP of $27 for a 750ml bottle, product of Scotland. 

Appearance: Yellow gold. 

Nose: Slightly dry with buttery notes of baked apple, pine nuts, baking spices, golden raisins, and bright citrus notes. 

Palate: The palate offers a low mouth burn with a strong medicinal taste that’s both spicy and cool with buttery hints of clove. 

Whisky Review: Dewar’s French Cask Smooth


This is a creamy and smooth whisky that has a pleasant balance of flavors with a medium-long finish accompanied by a very pronounced medicinal character. It offers light-bodied notes of nutty, fruity sweetness, making it a prime ingredient for use in hand-crafted cocktails.

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