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Whisky Review: The Dalmore King Alexander III

The Dalmore King Alexander III is the top expression of The Dalmore Principal Collection.  And for good reason, it uses more cask finishes then any other single malt and represents the legend of the iconic stag emblem on the bottles.

Have you ever wondered why a stag is adorning each and every bottle of Dalmore? The King Alexander III expression is a tribute to the origins of that stag. In 1263, Colin of Kintail, Chief of the Clan Mackenzie, fearlessly saved the life of King Alexander III from a charging stag. As a reward, the King gifted the 12 pointed Royal Stag emblem to the clan.

The Dalmore distillery was established in 1839 in the small town of Alness in Scotland. Twenty-eight years later, Andrew and Charles Mackenzie, members of Clan Mackenzie, became the new owners. They proudly  brought with them the Royal Stag, which we have become accustomed to recognizing on every Dalmore bottle.

The Dalmore King Alexander III is the only single malt in the world utilizing six different types of wood in maturation. It’s common to use two or three different woods, but six! The spirits are aged in:

  • Bourbon casks from Kentucky
  • Oloroso sherry butts from Jerez
  • Marsala barrels from Sicily
  • Port pipes from the Douro
  • Cabernet sauvignon barriques
  • Maderia drums

Each wood imparts its own aromas and flavors, with much of the color coming from the bourbon and sherry casks.

The Dalmore King Alexander III

image via Jeneen Bell/The Whiskey Wash

Tasting Notes: The Dalmore King Alexander III

Vital Stats: 40% ABV, no age statements, single malt, 100% malted barley, available around $200-350 per 750 ml bottle. Highland, Scotland.

Appearance: This whisky has a rich copper hue with long legs.

Nose:  The aroma is bright with light floral hints and heavier berry and tropical fruit notes. I noticed the aroma of an empty glass is heavy on the caramel.

Palate:  It has a balanced fresh tasting with wine, rich sherry, light caramel taste with nutmeg and orange spice finish.

The Takeaway

Dalmore King Alexander III is a very balanced, sophisticated whisky. It's the type of bottle to reach for when you're feeling particularly accomplished or successful.

Richard Patterson, master distiller at Dalmore, has been in the Scotch industry for over 50 years. He is a legend in the industry, who developed this whisky to represent a historic legend. You can taste the patience and passion he put into creating this delectable spirit.

This is a fine classic whisky for any scotch drinkers collection. It is a delicious celebrator

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